Recommendations by prior Biol 242 students

What recommendations would you give to students who are going to take A&P II?
Winter 2016 Biology 242
1. Student #1
a. Lectures are everything!
2. Student #2
a. Use models
b. Take thorough notes
c. Don’t fall behind
d. Ask questions
e. Study as much as possible
3. Student #3
a. Pay attention in lecture
b. Ask questions if needed
4. Student #4
a. Read the Kreiger Activity book before class for an overview of lecture
5. Student #5
a. Make sure that you are in class each day and listen intently and take
perfect notes.
6. Student #6
a. I would recommend them to take A&P I & II to take it with him. Thank
you very much Dr. Gong.
b. Use more whiteboard to draw out what you know (and help recognize
what you don’t)! Great help.
7. Student #7
a. Review your notes & organize them after class.
8. Student #8
a. Be on time.
b. Read and take good notes.
c. Study before & after class.
d. Ask questions
e. Record/ or video the class if possible especially the lecture that you’re
confuse and not familiar, so you can go back and listen to it.
9. Student #9
a. Use the textbook only as a reference, don’t rely on texbooks or the
b. Buying a white board was the best $10 I had spet this quarter. I studied by
writing & erasing & by having a study group that was supportive.
10. Student #10
a. Make sure to study and keep up with the material as you go along, don’t
wait until night before the test to cram.
11. Student #11
a. Review every day. Read the textbook.
12. Student #12
a. I would recommend against using recording devices, simply because the
student I knew who used one seemed to use the device as an excuse to let
his mind wander to other courses during this lecture.
b. Trust the lecture packet, and read the textbook or ask questions if you
think you missed something. Make diagrams, and remember “to look for
the forest through the trees!”
13. Student #13
a. Understand that what you put in will be what you get out.
b. Take advantage of having an instructor that cares and is willing to help.
c. Study as you go along. Find a group so that if you miss class you have
resources to keep up and stay current with the material.
14. Student #14
a. Study hard every day at least 1 hour.
15. Student #15
a. Study every day!
b. Take notes in class.
c. Bring different colored pens for notes.
d. Have extra sheets of blank paper for notes & diagrams.
e. Go to class every day!
f. Go to open lab & study sessions.
g. Watch crash course A&P videos on Youtube.
Spring 2015 Biology 242
1. Student #1
a. Spend a lot of time studying in groups
b. Attend all lectures
c. Attend review sessions
2. Student #2
a. Study! All the time!
3. Student #3
a. Study right after class.
b. Go over notes and rewrite to help solidify ideas while it is fresh.
4. Student #4
a. Definitely study and always ask questions.
b. Review early. There’s a lot of material to go through.
5. Student #5
a. Youtube for practicing/learning identifying models and histology
6. Student #6
a. Go to class.
b. Spend time every day for at least an hour!
7. Student #7
a. Study, study, and study!
8. Student #8
a. Start on study objectives ASAP! They are super helpful!!!
9. Student #9
a. Go to every class.
b. Study the material in depth after learning it in class (esp. Histology)
c. Study w/ partners, make drawings, study outloud & you’ll do great
10. Student #10
a. Study a little every day.
11. Student #11
a. It’s very hard, compared to A&P 1.
b. Study and don’t put it off until last second.
12. Student #12
a. Develop notetaking skills so don’t rely on phone/recording. Helps w/
future career and comprehension.
13. Student #13
a. This class is harder than A + P I! Particularly if chemistry is a challenge.
b. Do not cram! Not ever! Study every day, review material w/classmates.
c. Gent enough sleep!
14. Student #14
a. Do the study question as they come
b. Ø slack
c. Make sure you record him explaining the slide.
d. Show up every day!!!
15. Student #15
a. Work hard – Put a lot time into studying every day.
b. Ask questions.
16. Student #16
a. Go to class every day is essential for understanding each topic.