Pre AP Week 8 Lesson Plan


Pre-AP Lesson Plans: Monday, October 13


- Friday, October 17th

Monday 10/13

Objective: I will be able to use dictionaries, context clues, and word roots to understand word meanings.

1. “The Lost Boys” Comprehension and Vocabulary Quiz

2. Go over Item Analysis of “The Golden Kite” Assessment- Top 3 Most Missed Questions

3. Vocabulary Development Notes: Strategies for Decoding Word Meaning

Tuesday 10/14

Objective: I will be able to apply grammatical concepts to revising and editing.

1. Receive/Discuss Test Review

2. Grammar Warm Up: Subordinate Clauses/Subordinating Conjunctions

3. Mini Lesson: Punctuating Book Titles

4. Revising and Editing: Texas Assessment Practice

5. Complete Vocabulary Development Notes

Wednesday 10/15-10/16

Objective: I will be able t o expand my understanding of author’s purpose by annotating a fresh text for meaning.

1. Listen to audio of Chapter 2 of Animal Farm + Column Notes

2. Lesson 15 from Measuring Up: Author’s Purpose STAAR Practice

(5 th and 7 th will probably have to do this second part for homework due to PSAT testing)

Friday 10/17

Objective: I will be able to thoughtfully analyze an excerpt of text using the STAAR short answer response format.

1. Turn in Homework: Lesson 15 STAAR Practice

2. Mini Lesson: Parallelism and Testimonial

3. Grammar Warm Up: Practice with Conjunctions

4. Guided Short Answer Response: Focusing on the Analysis