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– 30 years of experience
Linköping University, Sweden
are a multidisciplinary research group focused on products
and services, organizations and technical systems.
turn environmental challenges into opportunities by applying
a broad systems perspective on resource use.
• 30 years experience – established 1980
• Theses: 8 Ph.D, 10 Lic
• 889 students (09/10)
• 9 PhD students
• Fundings: 10,8 Mkr (external funding)
How we do research
• Applied and multidisciplinary
• Empirically based in interaction
with theory
• Understanding the users’
• Partnership with industry and
internationally renowned
Specialists in
Integrated Product Service Engineering
Eco design
Environmental management
Renewable energy and Energy strategies
Industrial ecology and Industrial symbiosis
Examples of research projects
SofIQ – Development of a solvent free cleaning process,
Servicestaden, ProViking
IPSE – Development of an Integrated Product Service Engineering
methodology, 17 companies, VINNOVA
Biofuel Synergies – Development for improving the performance of
production systems for biofuels, Formas
Doris – Development of integrated product service offerings for the
Railway Infrastructure System, Banverket
Landfill Mining – Landfill mining for integrated resource recovery
and remediation: environmental and economic potentials in Sweden.
Sustainable Norrköping – The role of infrasystems enabling a
good life for the citizens without compromising
sustainability, Norrköping Development Foundation
MegaTech – Aim to examine and develop new knowledge about the
dissemination of clean technologies in megacities. VINNOVA
International Cooperation – Our World Map
China (Beijing University of Technology), Denmark (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Aalborg University), Egypt (American University of Cairo),
France (University of Grenoble), Germany (Technische Universität Berlin, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Technische Universität Darmstadt), Hungary
(Corvinus University of Budapest), Japan (Osaka University, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan University, National Institute of Advanced
Industrial Science and Technology), Mexico (University of Sonora, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Instituto Polytecnico Nacional),
Netherlands (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology), Singapore (SIMTech), Spain (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia),
Thailand (King Mongkut's Institute of Technology), UK (Cranfield University, Lancaster University, Northumbria University), USA (Yale University,
University of Tennessee)
International Cooperation
Denmark (Danmarks Tekniske
Universitet, Aalborg University)
France (University of Grenoble)
Germany (Technische Universität Berlin,
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Technische
Universität Darmstadt)
Hungary (Corvinus University of
Netherlands (Erasmus University
Rotterdam, Delft University of
Spain (Universidad Politécnica de
UK (Cranfield University, Lancaster
University, Northumbria University)
As a student you get
• systems oriented and
proactive knowledge and
skills in environmental
science and technologies
• latest knowledge from our
research areas
• attractive knowledge for an
expanding global market
• access to valuable
networks for your future job
Areas and Courses
Introductory courses:
Miljöteknik/Large Technical Systems and the Environment
Introduktion till produktutveckling
Advanced courses:
Products and services
• Resource efficient
• Integrated Product
Service Engineering
• Miljöanpassning av
• Miljömanagement
• Management systems
and sustainability
Technical systems
• Industrial Ecology
• Biofuels for
Master Theses and Project Course
Research, industry and public bodies related
Support you to find a master thesis project.
”Go abroad”
– Green house energy clustering (Tekniska Verken)
– LCA on balancing units (SKF)
– Biogas Ethanol Synergies (Svensk Biogas)
Our study programs
• Open access to our courses
from most engineering
programs at LiU
• Energy and Environmental
Engineering Masters’
program (120 ECTS)
• Energi, Miljö, Management,
Engineering program
(300 ECTS)
We educate by
• Offering lectures by
leading international
researchers and
• Real case problem
• Discussions in
seminars and
• Study visits
Is of utmost importance for our strategic development
for mutual benefits!
What’s in it for you?
State-of-the-art knowledge
New products and services
Resource efficiency
New ways of working
Access to students and other academic institutions
Access to funding bodies
Business opportunities
How we cooperate
• Short-term cooperations
• Long-term relations and collaboration agreements
• Providing cooperation forums
Outcomes from cooperation
• Servicestaden AB
– New products
– Environmental improvements
• Östergötland local authorities
– Energy and climate strategies
• Attends AB
– Environmental and economic pros and cons
• HTC Sweden AB
– Product development
– Environmental and economic pros and cons
• Stena
– Urban mining
– Landfill mining
Non Academic Co-operation partners
Contact information
• Head of division Olof Hjelm
Phone: +46(0)13285647
e-mail:[email protected]
• Director of Studies Niclas Svensson
Phone +46(0)13285662
e-mail:[email protected]
• Other questions: Maria Eriksson
Phone: +46(0)13281065
e-mail:[email protected]