Calendar lesson

Web Mastering
Lesson One
Create a Calendar using HTML
Create a Calendar Using HTML 1
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Student will create a calendar using HTML table commands. The calendar will contain text, links, and
graphics. Calendar information should be given to student; however, students are free to express
creativity with color, text, etc.
■ 126.28(7)(D) Create WWW pages using text-based editing programs
■ 126.28(7)(F) Create and edit WWW documents using established design principles
■ 126.28(5)(A) Acquire information in electronic formats including graphics, citing the source
■ 126.28(7)(B) Select and integrate productivity tools
■ 126.28(10)(A) Use hypertext linking appropriately when creating WWW pages
■ 126.28(2)(B) Demonstrate proficiency in the use of input devices
■ 126.28(12)(B) Seek and respond to input from peers and professionals
■ Create calendar using HTML (table)
■ Include text, graphics, links in table cells
■ Use color and design to create interesting and viewable calendar
■ Calendar should include at the least following:
o All given information
o Mon-Fri days only
o 3 graphics (background graphic may be included)
o At least 2 text colors
o 3 links
This lesson takes two 1-hour class periods to complete.
■ Text editor such as Notepad
■ Internet Browser (Internet Explorer/Netscape)
■ Internet access for clipart/graphics
■ Student Activity Sheet
1. Discuss project scope with students
2. Discuss how a table can be used to create a calendar (rows/columns)
3. Discuss requirements of the project (number of graphics, text styles, etc.)
4. Demonstrate necessary HTML skills for tables <TABLE><TD><TR>
5. Demonstrate HTML code for links <A HREF>
6. Demonstrate HTML code for graphics/clipart <IMG SRC>
7. Discuss importance of indentions, blank lines, etc in code for debugging HTML code
8. Discuss grading procedure
Create a Calendar Using HTML 1
Web Mastering Copyright Region IV Education Service Center
TH Rogers MS Technology Applications
Mr. Emil Agustin
GT Adjustments
6th Grade Technology Applications
2-3 class periods (2-3 hours computer lab )
Requirements include at least 3 previous exercises on HTML basics, page formatting, and linking
Other prerequisites include a lecture (20 min) on programming essentials (naming conventions,
structure and best coding practices, avoiding “spaghetti” programming, file types, text editors),
lecture (20 min) on “What is HTML?”
Discussion (How to do it)
Students prepare doing this exercise by viewing actual calendars (physical and/or online ones) and
quickly understanding what makes a calendar good or bad (see rubric). Students pick a month to do and
the “theme” they’d like to use. (For example “February – Valentine theme”). Students hand code html and
properly saving the code to html. The GT part of this exercise now appears – students need to include
inserting multimedia concepts in the code (Video and Audio), as well as page formatting (backgrounds,
sizing tables, cell targeting(name-target code), and using combinations of text formatting (fonts+attribute
Side lessons include looking for tutorials online, looking for samples of similar code, and looking for
code helpers (i.e. adobe Kuler).