7th syllabus

7th Grade Science Lab Syllabus
Welcome to your 7th grade year at TH Rogers! This syllabus is designed to help you understand the
expectations for 7th grade science lab. I am looking forward to an excellent year with you!
The Science Lab experience is that of discovery. The labs support the learning that takes place not
only in their classroom but also in their daily lives. I firmly believe the Chinese proverb, I hear and I
forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. In order to accomplish this, students will
participate in a wide range of hands on activities throughout the school year.
Topics we will investigate:
In order to help support classroom learning, we will be doing activities that are a reflection of what is
being covered in the main science classroom. Throughout the year we will do activities that focus on
the units listed below:
Scientific Method (intro to Experimentation),
Safety, and Measurement
Physics (Forces, Energy, and Work)
Interactions of Matter and Energy
Carbon Chemistry & Digestion
Weather & its Impacts
Human Impacts on Water Systems
Solar System & Human Space Travel
Contact Information
Email - [email protected]
Ecology (Relationships Between Organisms &
Their Environment)
Evolution & Levels of Organization
Physiology (Human Body Systems)
Plant and Animal Responses
Microbiology (Cells)
Genetics (Inheritance and Reproduction)
Further Scientific Experimentation and
Website - http://www.houstonisd.org/domain/29514
Suggested Materials
1 binder with 3 dividers, and a pencil
Class Rules
 Be on time for class with all materials needed
 During class discussion raise your hand to share ideas
 Always follow lab safety rules
 No food or water bottles in the lab
 Follow the school rules and honesty policy.
Grading Policy
Late Work – One science class period late and I have to deduct 50%. After that it will not be graded. It
is especially important to turn in all assignments on time because they impact your overall grade.
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