Ms. Dobbs
Phone: 678-437-7171 (please call before 8:00 PM)
Tutorial: Mon-Thurs: 4:15-5:00pm or by appointment
About Ms. Dobbs:
PARENT NAME:__________________________
I was born in Atlanta, Ga and I’ve traveled to over 15
different states and to another country.
I graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of
Science degree in Applied Mathematics. Immediately after
graduation, I moved to Houston and decided to pursue
teaching. I love to travel, learn different languages, and go
to different sports events.
. I like to be active through dancing, boxing, and running.
I love music of all kinds. My goal for next year is to work at
becoming a better professional, teacher, and sister.
Classroom Expectations:
PARENT SIGNATURE:____________________
Parent Number:__________________________
Make-up work: Work that is assigned when a student
is absent from class may be made up within five days.
Grading Policy:
40% - Quizzes, classwork, projects etc.
30% - Tests, Homework
30% - Participation
Students are expected to take part in all aspects of
classroom discussion and group work.
Students are expected to be in class everyday ON
Students are expected to keep a notebook of class
notes and homework problems.
Students are expected to study algebra II for 15-30
minutes each night.
Grading Scale:
Follow all other school rules.
Materials: 1-1.5’’ notebook. Pencils. Red Pen
Examples of Consequences:
 See the attached Possible Outcomes chart.
 Severe disruptions may merit a higher initial
negative consequence.
Test Corrections Policy:
 Students scoring below 75% on a test or quiz may
perform Test Corrections.
 The maximum grade that can be earned is 75%.
 All mistakes are corrected on separate paper and
all work must be shown.
 Solutions must be derived from the question.
Plugging the correct answer into the problem does
not demonstrate conceptual understanding.
 Re-assessment may include oral questioning
outside of instruction time to ensure
understanding of what is written on the paper.
Homework: Homework will be checked everyday.
Late homework will not be accepted.
Quizzes will be given on a regular basis. Quizzes may or
may not be announced, so be prepared by asking
questions if you do not understand something. You must
show all your work on quizzes to receive full credit.
Tests will be cumulative in nature so be sure that you keep
reviewing prior topics that have been covered. Tests will be
announced at least two days prior to the day that it is given.
You will receive review
questions prior to each test in order to prepare you for the
test. You will be expected to complete these problems and
ask any questions prior to the test.
Test questions will be any combination of open response,
short answer, multiple choice, true/false, or matching. You
will be given credit only for answers that show work. You
will not be given credit for problems with no work,
regardless if the answer is correct. Notebooks and books
will not be allowed during a test or quiz. Formula sheets will
only be allowed if provided by the teacher.
You must keep all returned tests and quizzes in your
binder! Do not throw away any assignmen
More confidence
Have more fun at school
Positive call home
Make better grades
Better Job
Better life
Student-teacher conference
Call home
Referral to the A.P. or removal from class