TSU@VSCC Elementary Education
K-6 Licensure Proposed Sequence of Courses
(Years 3 and 4)
Pre-Residency-Block 2* (2 ½ days per week)
(3)____ *EDCI 2200 Field Study in Education
*EDRD 3500 Methods for Teaching Eng. Lang Arts I
(3)____ *EDCI 4190 Technology in the Schools
*EDCI 3220 Assessment of Student Learning
(3)____ ENGL 3730 Children’s Literature
(3)____ Apply - ADMISSION TO RESIDENCY 1-Block 3
Praxis II Exams: Principles of Learning and Teaching and Reading
18 Across the curriculum
Praxis II Exam-Elementary Content Knowledge
*Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education/Block I
*Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education Program and to
*Co-requisite Courses: Block 2
*Co*-requisite: Block 1
Note: HIST 4910 and MATH 1110 will be offered at the Vol State Campus by TSU during the Fall semester, Junior
Year as part of their normal course work. (HIST 2030 may be taken prior to the junior or during the Summer before
the Senior year through Volstate or through TSU)
*Blocked courses will only be offered during the semesters listed here during the Junior and Senior Years.
Pre-Residency-Block I* (2 ½ days per week)
HIST 2030 History of Tennessee
(take during Summer term before or after Junior year)
MATH 1110 College Algebra
HIST 4910/4920 African American History
(or other Cultural or World History)
*EDCI 3120 Contexts for Teaching and Learning
*EDCI 3500 Instructional Strat. For Elem.
*EDCI 2100 Field Study in Education 1
Residency I-Block 3* (2 ½ -3 days per week)
*EDRD 4500 Methods for Teaching Eng. Lang. Arts II
*EDCI 4550 Methods in teaching Elem. Math
*EDCI 4600 Methods in Teaching Elem. Science
*EDCI 4620 Field Experience III
(approximately 90-100+ hrs. in field placement)
***** RESIDENCY******* (27)
Residency II-Block 4* (5 days per week)
Praxis II EXAM: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
*Pre-Requisite: Admission to Residency I/CPR Cert.
*Co-Requisite Courses: Residency I /Block 3
*EDCI 4706 Educational Student Teaching Seminar
*EDCI 4720 Enhanced Student Teaching in Elem
(continuation of Residency I Field Placement)
*Pre-Requisite: Successful Completion of Residency 1-Block 3 and
ALL Praxis Exams
*Co-Requisite Courses: Residency 2 /Block 4
(16 weeks/M-F in field)
120 Total hours)