College Prep English 11

HONOR CODE: Students are expected to abide by the honor code on all assignments.
Assignments which have not been assigned as group or collaborative work must be completed
Plagiarism is a serious offense. Students are expected to do their own work without the aid of Cliffs
Notes, Sparknotes, online essay sites, a former student’s old English paper, etc.
Complete your OWN work. Every assignment is designed to enhance your knowledge of the subject
matter. Failure to complete your own work will prevent you from receiving a beneficial learning
experience. Any student who is involved in academic dishonesty will be turned over to the
administration for disciplinary action.
GRADES & GRADING: My goal is to post grades on Fridays. Writing assignments will obviously take
longer to grade. Most essays will take several weeks to complete. Total points earned will determine the
percentage grade at the end of the grading period.
MA will be entered into the grade book for all missing assignments. This grade will be changed to a
zero if the work is not turned in according to the guidelines for late work listed below. Once a zero is
posted, it will not be changed.
Late work: Assignments must be ready to turn in when class begins. Work on a flash drive, in a locker,
or in your car is not ready to turn in and will be considered late.
Daily assignments turned in the next day will receive up to 50% of the points available except for
vocabulary homework, which is not accepted if it is late.
Major Assignments (approximately 100 points or more) lose 10% per day and receive a zero if not
turned in on the third day unless you have made prior arrangements with your teacher.
Additional Opportunities: Depending upon our time and needs, I may choose to extend our learning
outside of the classroom. These opportunities will appear throughout the course on Moodle. I may not
always announce the opportunity, but if you are checking Moodle as often as you should, you are
guaranteed to being informed of the additional opportunity. All extra credit opportunities will be
available to the entire class; no extra credit will be given solely to individual students.
TARDIES: I mark tardies. You will be considered tardy if you are not in your seat at the final bell. Class
will not be disrupted to inform you that you are tardy. Tardies will be marked in STI as I check roll.
Students may not make video or audio recordings of the class without the prior permission of the
Cell phones should be turned off and placed in the designated area during class. At times, we may
use cell phones and other electronic devices during class; however, you must ask and be given prior
permission from the teacher to use any such device.
Chromebooks are the device of choice in this classroom. Bring it every day. Use it when I ask you to,
and do not use it for gaming, internet surfing, shopping, or score checking.
Each teacher retains the right to take up phones or any other electronic device if its use distracts
you, your teacher, or your classmates. Confiscated devices may be picked up from Mr. Crigger or Mr.
Hudson at the end of the day.
FOOD POLICY: I DO NOT allow hot lunches, anything that smells, or anything that makes noise. These are
exceptionally distracting to both myself and your fellow students. You will not be allowed in the
classroom with hot lunches. Should anything you chose to eat or drink become distracting, you will be
asked to leave the class until you are finished. In the event that you are asked to leave class, your
participation grade will be deducted accordingly.
English 11 is designed to enhance students’ appreciation for and understanding of American literature of the 20 th and 21st centuries and to
strengthen their writing and grammar skills. The class consists of five major components: Reading of Literature, Reading of Informational
Texts, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. All reading, including summer reading, will be used as models or springboards for
writing, so it is important that each student have his/her own copy of the work we are studying.
The eleventh grade teachers meet weekly as a professional learning community (PLC) to discuss issues related to improving student
learning. Each teacher is committed to providing the most effective instruction possible for each student. As such, the PLC has put a great
deal of time and thought into integrating Alabama’s adaptation of the Common Core into the curriculum. While the works studied may vary
from teacher to teacher, and even from class to class, all major writers and literary periods will be covered in each class. Assessments such
as tests, presentations, and projects will be discussed in the PLC and frequently designed by the entire group. The multi-genre research
project will be graded using a common rubric which reflects the skills that the 11th grade teachers have determined to be of primary
importance for their students to master. Other rubrics may be adjusted by a teacher to reflect the specific skill(s) being targeted by the
Required novels: Students will need their own copies of the following books during the year:
Summer Reading Books:
Deadline Artists edited by Avalon, Angelo, & Louis
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Things They Carried by Tim O’Bren
Class Copies of the following provided: Taming of the
Shrew, A Streetcar Named Desire, & the textbook
TECHNOLOGY USAGE--Technology is an important part of this course. Therefore, it is essential that create accounts for
Moodle,, Google Classroom, and for Pearson, who is our textbook provider. Below is the information you will need to
get started with each online source.—Go to and join the class using your SCHOOL ISSUED EMAIL ADDRESS! Do not use your personal email
address, as important emails from me will not be received. This may include an extension to your deadline or other important lastminute information that you will need. Check your school email address daily, as it is your only legitimate email account when
dealing with the school. If you open an account with a personal email address, it will be deleted, and you will have to start all over
again. This process may cause you to lose points if an assignment is late due to issues with your account
How to Log In
Returning Students (Most 11th and 12th grades)
You should already have a Moodle account that you’ve been using at MBHS. You should continue to use this account, which
SHOULD be tied to your school email address.
1. Go to
2. Top right—enter your school email address and user password from school.
3. Click “Login” to open your page.
New Students (Ignore this if you are a student previously enrolled)
1. Go to
2. Click “New User.”
3. Follow the instructions for setting up a profile.
How to Enroll in a Class
1. Click the “Enroll in a class” tab
2. On the next page, enter the class ID and enrollment password (see below)
3. Click submit to enroll in a class and to add it to your home page.
How to Submit a Paper
1. Click a class name on your home page.
2. Find the assignment and click on the submit button.
3. Enter your first and last name and a title for the paper. Submissions may be in MS Word, WordPerfect, RTF,
PDF, Postscript, and plain text formats.
4. Browse to find the file that you want to upload. Submit.
5. Print the receipt and attach it to your paper.
2nd period English 11
3rd period English 11
4th period English 11
8th period English 11
Class ID
Name: _____________________________________
Period: ________
Email Used: __________________________________
^^^this must be your school issued email address!
Password: ____________________
Moodle—go to Moodle rooms through your school portal and join the appropriate class. Moodle is your go to source for weekly and
daily assignments and handouts. You should check Moodle every night if you want to be successful in this class.
Login to Moodle ( User name and password will be the same one you use for everything
else at school.
Search “Trimm”
Click your class
HS-ENG-ENGLISH 11-TRIMM for 2nd , 3rd, 4th, and 8th periods
Enter enrollment key: trimm (all lowercase)
Google Classroom--We will experiment with Google Classroom this year when we share and turn in documents. Here is how to
join my Google Classroom. Using your Chromebook or your home computer, go to Choose the + sign in
the upper right hand corner and select “Join class.” Enter the following code below according to what period we meet.
2nd Period English 11
3rd Period English 11
4th Period English 11
8th Period English 11
Username: year of graduation + 3 initials
Password: 3 initials + last 4 of iNOW number + !
(iNOW # emailed to parents)
Ex: Alfred B Chatam, junior, iNOW number S12345678
Username: 2015abc
Password: abc5678!
Acknowledgement of class policies, course description, and technology information
Parent or guardian’s name (print)
Parent/guardian’s signature
____________________________ _____________________________________
best way to contact parent or guardian
Student’s name (print)
Class session/period_______________________ (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th)
Student’s signature
______________________________________ ____________________________________________
best way to contact student
Special information you think Mrs. Trimm should know: