The Presidency Political Campaigns

6.1 The Presidency
Do Now:
What makes a good leader?
“Natural Born Citizen”
35 Years of Age
14 years residency
Term: The 22nd Amendment limits the Presidency to
two four-year terms.
Salary: $400,000
Expense Account: $50,000
Travel Account: $100,000
Entertainment: $19,000
Presidential Succession
Vice President
Speaker of the House
President Pro Tempore of the Senate
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General
Chief of State
The ceremonial head of the government
of the United States.
Chief Executive
Controller of the “Executive Powers”
outlined by the Constitution.
Chief Administrator
Director of the Federal Fovernment.
Chief Diplomat
The United States’ spokesperson to the
rest of the world.
Commander in Chief
The President is directly and immediately
in control of the armed forces.
Chief Legislator
The President is the architect of public
policy and the agenda-setter of congress.
Chief of Party
The acknowledged leader of his political
Chief Citizen
The expectation that the President works
for and represents “the People.”
Which of the presidential roles is the most
crucial to the presidency and why?
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Presidential Campaigns
Presidential candidates use many tools in
their quest for victory. Most common
presidential campaign techniques involve
In most elections there are two
presidential debates between the primary
(2 or 3) candidates. One focuses on foreign
policy and the other on domestic policy.
There is also a Vice Presidential debate,
though it receives much lower viewer
Presidential Campaigns
View the following video about the
branding of Presidential campaigns
through television ads.
Group Project
Create either a full page print ad or video
ad script for a presidential campaign. You
can use a previous or possible future
campaign, or come up with your own
fictitious one. Make sure to use at least 5
Ad Campaign Techniques.
6.1 Assignment
Reflect on your group’s campaign ad.
Would it effectively change public opinion
about your candidate? Or their
opponent? How?
Identify each of the techniques you used
and how they helped create an effective