Exam 1 Study Guide (revised 10/3

Psychology 24
Exam #1 Study Guide
**Note: When using these study guides for preparation for exams, keep in mind you
will not only need to understand the definition of the concepts, but you will also
need to apply them to real-life examples. For instance, I am more likely to provide
you with a scenario and require you to pick out which imaging technique applies to
the scenario rather than ask you “What is the PET scan?” Also the short-answer
questions will often require you to synthesize information from different material on
the study guide.
Understand the relationship between biology & behavior
Understand the different views of the mind-body connection (dualism vs. monism)
Know the different imaging techniques: CT, PET, MRI, fMRI and their applications
Know the different recording devices: EEG, evoked potentials, MEG, single-cell
recordings, patch clamps and their applications
What is the lesion technique & what is the purpose of its use? How does it differ from
the ablation technique?
What is concordance? How is it used in the study of Biopsychology?
Know what was discussed in class regarding stem cell research
Ch. 2
Understand the functions of the lobes of the brain
Know the different anatomical directions
Know the different layers of the meninges & where they’re located (CNS, PNS, or both)
What is the purpose of CSF?
Know the different segments of the spinal cord, their location & what areas of the body
they serve
Know what structures make up the hindbrain, midbrain & forebrain
What are the functions of the medulla, pons & cerebellum?
What is the function of the reticular formation?
Know the brain pathway of most sensory information
What structures make up the limbic system, and what is the major function of the limbic
What is the association cortex? What is its function?
Know the functions of the cranial nerves
What neurotransmitter does the parasympathetic nervous system use? What about the
What are the 2 branches of the ANS? Understand their functions & how they differ
What is selective permeability?
Know what transmitter-gated channels & voltage-dependent channels are & how they
Know what the sodium-potassium pump & calcium pumps are & how they work
Know the different components of the cytoskeleton & their functions
Know the different structures within the cell body & their functions
Understand the different structural & functional variations of neurons
Understand the functions of the macroglia
What are threshold & resting potential?
Understand diffusion & electrical force
Understand the action potential (focus on what was discussed in class & not everything
there is to know about action potentials)
Understand how information is passed from one neuron to another
What is propagation?
What are passive conduction & saltatory conduction?
Understand how chemical synapses work
What is exocytosis? Understand how it works
Understand what EPSP & IPSPs are
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