Psychology 24 Extra Credit 10 Points Total

Psychology 24
Extra Credit
10 Points Total
Directions: For this extra credit, you will search for an article (from a magazine or
newspaper) related to Psychobiology- the focus needs to be the biology of behavior. You
need to find a recent article (within the past year). First, you will summarize the article in
your own words and second you will critically analyze and evaluate the information
presented. Based on the scientific method, you will critically analyze and evaluate by
addressing the following when applicable (you must address at least 3):
1. Why was the research done?
2. Who did the research? (i.e., what are their credentials?)
3. What biases are there? (e.g., if it’s a drug study is the author/researcher
affiliated with the drug company and therefore have vested interest?)
4. Who were the participants? (Could the sample be biased; if so how?)
5. How was the research conducted? (i.e., What methods were used?)
6. Where was the research reported?
7. Can you generalize the findings?
Also include if the researchers/writers left any questions unanswered. Additionally, you
need to address questions that have come up in your own mind as a result of your
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