Student Mentee Contract

Student Mentee Contract
I, ________________________________________, agree to participate in the
________________________ (name of school) mentoring program. I understand that the
mentor is a volunteer who wants to assist me to be a success in school and in life and will
act as a friend, advisor and role model. I also understand that there is no monetary
assistance provided by the mentor or program.
I understand that the mentor agrees to meet with me at least _____ hours per
(week/month) for _________________ (period of time).
In return I agree to try hard to have a good relationship with the mentor.
I also promise to:
1. Keep all appointments with my mentor.
2. Notify my advisor if I cannot keep an appointment with my mentor.
3. Abide by the campus and district rules while with my mentor.
I understand that if I miss 3 mentoring sessions I may lose the privilege to participate in
the mentoring program.
Mentee’s Signature
Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature
Volunteer Program Rev. 2/06