Athletic Paperwork Instructions Page & Checklist

Athletic Paperwork Instructions Page & Checklist
Please paperclip these forms, in this order, as they need to be copied.
Top: Insurance Waiver
 $35 check or cash (for district insurance) OR complete athletic insurance waiver.
Tips for athletic waiver form
Form must be printed to scale on an 8.5 x 11 printer paper.
Make sure the correct box is checked for the current school year at the top of the page.
Requires notary
Tips for Medical History Form
 Fill out completely
 Student AND parent signature in the box at the bottom
 The very bottom of the page is to be reviewed by the coach.
Physical Examination
Good for one calendar year
Must be completed and signed by a medical doctor
Student must be “cleared”
If student is not cleared, they need a new physical
Athletic Department Form
 Requires notary
Media Release Form
 Complete according to directions
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