03 March 2016 Minutes Alternate

Tuesday March 8, 2016
Denise Baclawski, Stacy Burton, Fred Harris, Ed Huffman, Ann Larson, Chuck Price, John
Dean Hitchcock – Facilities Services
Amanda Leiner – Real Estate
Lou Christensen – Department of Biology
Amy Fitch – Community Health/Campus Bicycle Committee
Caden Fabbi - ASUN
Action Items:
A. MINUTES: The minutes of the February 9, 2016 meeting of the Facilities Resource Committee were
B. CAMPUS BICYCLE COMMITTEE: The request to install a bicycle friendly university sign was
approved to proceed through Facilities Services.
C. CAMPUS BICYCLE COMMITTEE: The request to install a self-service bicycle repair station and
concrete pad was approved for the location adjacent to the existing air pump between JCSU and
D. BIOLOGY: The request to construct a bird aviary in the SFB courtyard was approved on an
experimental basis to be reviewed after two years; if not successful, the aviary will be moved. If the
aviary experiences any rodent problems, the Biology department is required to pay for professional
pest removal.
E. FRC TASKFORCES: Stacy Burton provided status of University Administrative Manual (UAM)
updates for the use of motorized vehicles, the use of bicycles, and the use of skateboards and other
wheeled equipment, excluding bicycles. She requested committee members provide her comments
on the draft documents by close of business, March 11, 2016. Denise Baclawski suggested the
FRC develop a template for submitting vehicle approval requests to the FRC.
Update Items:
Discussion Items:
A. SANDWICH BOARD POLICY: Stacy provided the committee copies of current draft of UAM 5,305,
Posting Distributing, and Exhibiting of Public Announcements. She requested the document be
reviewed and will be discussed during the April FRC meeting.
Pending Requests:
NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting of the Facilities Resource Committee is April 12, 2016 from
2:30-4:30pm, in the Sandra Neese Conference Room (#104) – Sarah Fleischmann Building.
President Johnson
Vice President Ellis
Vice Provost Cline
Academic Leadership Council
Facilities Resource Committee Members