Administrator, Learning Management System

(to be completed by HR)
Administrator, Learning Management System (LMS)
Essential Function: Sedentary Work
Description: Exerting up to 10 pounds of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force
frequently to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects, including the human body.
Sedentary work involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief
periods of time.
1. Summary Statement: State the major function(s) of the position, the role in the
university, and the supervisor’s title.* (This section is used for advertisement of the
The Administrator, Learning Management System (LMS) serves as the liaison between
Information Technology (IT) and the Instructional Design group. The position is responsible for
the LMS application administration, working closely with the server administrator and
PeopleSoft/iNtegrate team. The position is responsible for course creation and day-to-day
administration of the system, as well as for planning for upgrades and exploring possibilities for
future automation and integration of the LMS with PeopleSoft. The position reports to the
Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT).
* Attach an organizational chart with positions, ranges, and names for the division.
2. List the major responsibilities, including percentage of time devoted to each. Provide
enough detail to enable a person outside the department to understand the job
(percentage first with heading and then bulleted information). If line of progression,
define for each range as above.
60% - Administration of the LMS
 Serve as primary point of contact for IT and PeopleSoft group with Instructional Design
 Support existing building blocks
 Explore and install new building blocks
 Work with server administrators and the TLT Director to plan for downtime and system
 Resolve software issues that may arise in collaboration with server administrator
 Elevate problems that cannot be resolved to vendor support
 Run reports requested by faculty and/or administration
25% - Course Building/Enrollments
 Run scripts that create courses, users and enrollments multiple times per day
 Create feeder files to accommodate special courses/circumstances
 Address errors or special cases of course/user creation and/or enrollments
Administrator, Learning Management System (LMS)
15% - Integration/Automation
 Work closely with IT server administrators, the PeopleSoft group and vendors to identify
ways to automate enrollment, user creation and course creation processes
 Explore ways to further integrate the LMS with other campus tools
3. Describe the types of decisions the position(s) makes independently as part of the core
responsibilities. Provide examples. If a line of progression, describe the decisions made
at the highest level.
The Administrator provides primary support and coordination for the technical administration of
the LMS. The position manages daily communication with server administrators, PeopleSoft
team, and University faculty to ensure that the system is maintained, problems are resolved,
and course and enrollment information is created in a timely way.
4. Describe the types of problems, issues, action, communications this position typically
takes to the supervisor for resolution and/or consultation. Provide examples. If a line of
progression, describe the supervisory consultation at the highest level.
Larger problems, downtime, system upgrades, etc., are managed in collaboration with the
Director, TLT. The Administrator consults with the Director, ID team members, and library
management about the problems, goals and plans for system administration, and then works
independently to achieve goals and develop new projects.
5. Select the applicable competencies required to successfully perform the job. The
selected competencies will be evaluated within the Administrative Faculty evaluation as
Competencies for Success.
Analytical Thinking
Diversity and Inclusion
Financial Responsibilities
Human Resource Responsibilities
Program/Project/Functional Knowledge
Resource Responsibilities
Serving Constituents
Other (specify)
Administrator, Learning Management System (LMS)
6. Minimum requirements of the position. Minimum requirements should be consistent
with the Job Evaluation Model. If Line of Progression, minimum requirements must be
defined for each range.
Bachelor’s Degree
Two years of relevant work experience
Master’s Degree
One year of relevant work experience
Relevant Experience: providing computing support in a networked environment,
including some experience with a course management system
Certification and Licensure: None
Schedule or Travel Requirements: None
Optional Addendum: Describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successful
performance of this job (in bullet format).
Knowledge of:
 Technical administration of a web-based course management system
 Various operating systems, file structures, file formats, and protocols
 Server-based applications (Java, SQL)
 Proficiency in use of a personal computer and current software applications including but
not limited to Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and email) plus
computer skills relating to server applications (SQL, databases)
 Effective verbal and written communication
 Strong interpersonal skills
Ability to:
 Retrieve, enter and manipulate data with attention to detail
 Communicate support needs with colleagues and vendors with clarity and detail
 Plan upgrades with necessary parties both in IT and the Instructional Design group