SWE 3643 Assignment 1 following:

SWE 3643 Assignment 1
The purpose of this assignment is to have you learn and practice the
1. setting a goal for quality --- (used for) your inspection/review
2. technique of inspection and review of non-executable material
3. analyzing the results and assess against the quality goal
Part I: (10 point – individual)
Write a requirements specification (approximately 2-3 pages including
diagram, if you want) of a small room reservation software for your
- accepts the name of person making reservation
- accepts the room number# and time slot
- returns reservation status (with confirmation #) and
provide reprocess option if reservation not made
- allows viewing of reservations and modifications to
reservations (by people, by date, by room number, etc.)
You will expand this short summary into a requirements document (2-3
pages) that you believe can be passed to another class member for
design and implementation. (10 points – individual grade)
Part II: (10 points - as a team score)
Form a small team (3-4 people) .
[due: 5/26/2015] ------ late paper loses 15% --- no paper accepted after
5/28/2015 (class period)