GPC Unknown Analysis


GPC Unknown Analysis

The following instructions vary a little bit according to the experimental details of our

GPC experiment (each year, it’s a little different).

Analysis of the unknown polymers. a) Make a c vs. M plot to show the whole distribution for the unknown (or multiple unknowns, if you wish) using the datasets provided by the TA. You can do this manually for all I care, and I actually recommend converting a few of the DRI vs

V e

points to c vs M points that way to ensure you know how to proceed. You may wish to check with the appropriate HowTo guide ( ).

Then you should use Excel, a QuickBasic program, Origin or something to calculate for each GPC slice. (Hint: you don't know the concentration, c , only things proportional to it, like the DRI signal). b) Report M w

, M z

, M n

, M z+1

and devise a way to estimate uncertainties for M w


M n

. State how you base your ± estimates.

Grading criteria: c vs M plot /5

Mn,Mw,Mz,Mz+1 /10

+/- in a rational way /5