Sketch a GPC

Sketch a GPC
Use Word’s drawing tools to convert the sketch you made in lab of the GPC apparatus
into something publishable. Label each component, either with full words or sensible
symbols (e.g., C1 for column #1). Use the curve-drawing features with edit points option
to draw smooth arcs for the tubing. Make tasteful use of hatching, shading, etc.
Do NOT use MS-Paint, ChemDraw or other specialty application; these tend not to print
well and sometimes do not show up at all if you send the file to a friend who doesn’t have
the same software installed. To get full credit, you must supply a print-out and a Word
document file on disk.
By way of example, here is a drawing of our lab’s dialysis FPR cell that will go into a
paper in Macromolecules. It’s not perfect, but at reduced size used by the journal, it
should look OK.
Cover slip
Sample or Dialysis Fluid
PTFE spacer
Dialysis membrane
Exchange Fluid
General appearance:
Smooth print-out:
/4 pts
/1 pt
/5 pts