Dr. Pamela Lannutti

Dr. Pamela Lannutti
On October 7 Dr. Pamela Lannutti gave a public lecture on Same-Sex Marriage: Experiences of
Couples and Their Social Networks.
Legally recognized same-sex marriage and the surrounding political battle have placed same-sex
relationship in a new social context. American same-sex couples have found themselves and
their relationships in a battled crossfire. Couples and their social networks have been faced with
the challenge of and opportunity to experience their relationships within this new and changing
social context. In this talk, Dr. Lannutti will highlight insights gained from her current research
program examining same-sex marriage, couples, and their social networks.Dr. Lannutti is an
Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Boston College. She researches
alcohol consumption’s influence on sexual decision-making and studies of communication
processes in same-sex relationships. Dr. Lannutti’s research on legally recognized same-sex
marriage examines the experiences of same-sex couples and their social networks within this
changing social context for same-sex relationships.