jan 19, 2011

Site Council Agenda For Wednesday, January 19th , 2011
At 3:45 we will:
1. Discuss our professional development objectives for Winter/ Spring 2011
A. Brainstorm the topics we’ve taken on, listed on the chart paper. Write on the
paper what we’d like to achieve under these headings for 2011 —specificity is
B. Brainstorm some ideas about how we can achieve these goals.
C. Set committees to address these topics where necessary.
2. Set a timeline to achieve these objectives, broken down by Wednesday meeting times.
3. Racism at Milwaukie High School (if not previously addressed)
4. Additional Business
Future Agenda Items:
Norms Agreed On By Group:
1. Start-stop meetings on time.
2. Allow discussion and adequate reflection time.
3. Stay focused on topics relevant to site council.
4. Honor divergent opinions.
5. Save time to propose future agenda items.
6. Provide a week’s notice if meetings are changed or cancelled.