Industrial Revolution Political Cartoon Assignment

Industrial Revolution Political Cartoon Assignment
50 Points (Summative-80% Category)
North Clackamas School District Social Studies Priority Standard:
HK 2. Analyze the complexity and investigate causes and effects of significant events
in World History
Task: You are a cartoonist for a London newspaper during the
Industrial Revolution and feel troubled by the different problems that
are happening as a result of this “revolution.” Your newspaper editor
has asked you to create a political cartoon (a cartoon that conveys a
message in a humorous and/or thought-provoking way) that highlights
a condition or problem associated with the Industrial Revolution In
Great Britain.
Some problems you may choose to illustrate are:
The pollution of the air
The hierarchy of social classes
The dangerous conditions in the factories
The crowded living conditions
Treatment of children in the work force
Remember: Political Cartoons should combine both drawings and text that express
an opinion or point of view.
Due Date: _______________________________________________________