Week 8 • Review materials from Week 1 – Week 7

Week 8
• Review materials from Week 1 – Week 7
• Miscellaneous Letters
Week 8
• Review materials from Week 1 – Week 7
– Writing Reminder Letters & Collection Letters
– Replying to Reminder Letters & Collection Letters
– Writing Employee Relation Letters
• Letter of Reference
– General Reference
– Direct/Specific Reference
• Letter of Employee Announcement
• Letter of Introduction
Week 8
• Review materials from Week 1 – Week 7
– Writing Customer Relations Letters
• Letter of Change in Company
• Letter of Product Promotion
• Letter of Product Recall
– Writing Personal Business Letters
• Letter of Expressing Thanks
• Letter of Expressing Congratulations
• Letter of Expressing Condolences
Week 8
• Miscellaneous Letters
• A. Business Promotion & Sales Letters –
Promotion Thank You Letter
– Letters written to promote (increase) business.
• Attention: attract favorable attention to the article or service
you are offering by writing an original appealing first
paragraph that will encourage the reader to continue reading.
• Desire: to create for the goods or services you are promoting
by using the right appeal.
• Conviction: once you create a desire for a product or service,
you must convince reader of its merit.
• Action: to motivate action you should offer some good reason
for immediate response.
Week 8
• Miscellaneous Letters
• B. Complaint Letters
– Letters of complaint should make special emphasis on
courtesy. The claim must be clearly set forth,
considering the following:
• Essentials
– Tell exactly & clearly what is wrong.
– Give dates, invoice numbers, & other definite information, so
that easy tracing may result
– Tell what adjustment is wanted
– Always be COURTEOUS
Week 8
• Miscellaneous Letters
• C. Credit Letters
– Credit is handled almost entirely through letter forms,
for at least the following reasons
• 1. Letters are private
• 2. Letters are a permanent record
• 3. Letters give protection in case of legal matters
– Credit letters should have courtesy, tact, friendliness, &
dignity. They may be divided into four general groups:
• 1. Credit Investigation (both giving or requesting credit
• 2. Seeking a line of credit or credit account.
• 3. Granting credit.
• 4. Refusing credit.
Week 8
• Miscellaneous Letters
• C. Credit Letters
– Essentials
• All investigation letters should contain the following points:
– 1. Do not waste time, be direct.
– 2. State what information you are looking for and why you need
– 3. Make clear that you will keep such information confidential.
– 4. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped reply envelope.
• When asking for a credit line or credit of other kinds:
– 1. Be specific about what you want.
– 2. Give references of firms with which you have had credit
transactions, and of your bank.
– 3. Wait for at least two weeks until your references have been
Week 8
• Miscellaneous Letters
• C. Credit Letters
– Essentials
• Letters granting credit are easy to write since we are granting
the customer the credit that he wishes. However, do not forget
– 1. Thank him for submitting the credit references.
– 2. Tell him that you are looking forward to doing business with
– 3. Offer him all the cooperation you can give.
• Letter refusing credit is difficult to write, but if you are careful
you can keep the customer. Remember the following points:
1. Thank him for his interest in our company.
2. Try in some way to accept the blame for the refusal.
3. Never tell him that he is a poor credit risk.
4. Always leave the door open for future re-evaluation.
Week 8
• Miscellaneous Letters
• D. Letter for Accepting an Invitation or
Declining an Invitation
– There are many occasions for letters that should
not be “strictly business”, although they are
essential to the conduct of business.
Week 8
• Miscellaneous Letters
• D. Letters of Resignation
– A letter of resignation should contain the reason
for resigning, an expression of regret &
appreciation, and of course, a definite date
when the resignation is to be effective.
Week 8
Miscellaneous Letters
F. Apology Letters
G. Demand Letters
H. Fund Raising Letters
Week 8
– Homework Assignment
» 1. Write a promotion thank you letter – keep in touch
with regular customers & show your appreciation of
the patronage.
» 2. Write a letter of complaint about bad service when
you were having a dinner at a restaurant.
» 3. Write a letter of credit, you are requesting a line of
credit from a company.