December 10, 1998
December 10, 1998
The Board of Trustees of the Houston Community College System held a Regular Meeting on December
10, 1998, at the Northeast College Campus, Meeting on Lecture Hall, 401 Northline Mall, Houston,
James Henderson, Chairman
Christopher W. Oliver, Vice-Chairman
John Fonteno, Jr. Secretary
Bruce A. Austin
Abel Davila
Herlinda Garcia
James R. Murphy
W. F. Russell
Ruth Burgos-Sasscer, Chancellor
Sue Cox, President, HCC-Southwest
Jack Daniels, President, HCC-Central
Patricia Fairchild, Vice-Chancellor,
Workforce Development
Margaret Forde, President, HCC-Northeast
Zachary Hodges, President, HCC-Northwest
Sylvia Ramos, President, HCC-Southeast
Bob Mulcahy, Interim Chief Operations Officer
Patricia Williamson, Vice-Chancellor,
Institutional Development
Arturo Michel, Bracewell and Patterson, Other administrators, staff, representatives of the news media
and interested citizens
Mr. Henderson called the Meeting to order at 4:25 p.m. and declared the Board convened to consider
matters pertaining to the Houston Community College System as listed on the duly-posted meeting
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December 10, 1998
Ms. Smith thanked Dr. Forde, President of Northeast College, for hosting this meeting,and commended
her on the success of Knowledge Explosion: Math, Science & Technology Expo 98. Ms. Smith also
thanked Trustee Bruce Austin who was very involved in it. Expo 98 was very well attended and well
received by the community.
Motion No. 856 - Mr. Bruce Austin moved to approve the minutes with noted corrections to
grammatical errors. Mr. Oliver seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0. Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Murphy and
Mr. Russell had not yet arrived.
Dr. Burgos was pleased to honor one of our outstanding faculty members, Ms Kay Lynn Moran,
Department Chair of the Guided Study Program at Northeast College. Ms. Moran helped to establish the
college's Learning Centers, which boast 75 computers that run 22 software programs and serve some
1200 students a month by staying open 80 hours a week. Ms. Moran brings many gifts to HCCS, and her
personal mission is to help students become efficient learners so that they can meet the academic
standards of institutions of higher education and attain their educational goals. The Chancellor's Medal
for Outstanding Service was presented to Ms. Kay Lynn Moran.
Dr. Burgos recognized Ms. Linda Grigoleit of IBM and Ms. Sandra Stanley of the City of Missouri City,
who were instrumental in the donation of the AS400 Series Computer/Model 200 Computer to HCCSW. Dr. Burgos asked Professor Tony Beckman, Computer Science Chair for HCCS, located at
Southwest College, to share information on this successful and valuable partnership with IBM. Professor
Beckman explained the significance of the donated IBM's model 200 computer, the latest state-of-the-art
computer, which was made possible through HCC-Southwest's partnership with Missouri City. Ms.
Grigloeit, of IBM Partners in Education, was lauded for her assistance in obtaining the IBM computer
for our program. Ms. Stanley, who is with the City of Missouri City, and who is sponsor of this program,
did an outstanding job in assisting us. Dr. Burgos presented certificates of appreciation to IBM and to
the City of Missouri City for making this most valuable gift possible to HCC-SW.
(No appearances)
Motion No. 857 - Mr. Oliver moved approval of the consent agenda, with the exception of certain items
set aside for discussion in or consideration following executive session. Mr. Murphy seconded the
motion. Motion carried 8-0; Mr. Russell had not yet arrived. The following items were approved:
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December 10, 1998
I. Instructional Programs
Approved the new Affiliation Agreement for Health Careers Clinical Program;
Approved the renewal contract with the City of Houston Fire Department;
Approved the renewal of Agreement for use of Houston Academy of Medicine Texas Medical
Center Library;
Ratified and approved the Articulation Agreement with Prairie View University;
II. Purchasing of Materials and Services
Approved purchase of a Human Physiology Teaching Kit;
Approved purchase of electronic general and specific database subscriptions;
Approved purchase of electronic program -specific database subscriptions;
Approved the contract for moving and relocation services;
III. Lease or Construction
Approved build-out of space for college bookstore - - new West Loop Campus
IV. Fiscal Matters
Accepted the Investment Report for the month ending October 31, 1998;
Accepted the Annual Financial Report;
Approved relocation of Central College Child & Family Center;
V. Other
Ratified and approved gifts and donations received to date
SERVICES Motion No. 858-Mr. Murphy moved approval of the payment to Bracewell and Patterson
for professional services. Mr. Davila seconded the motion. Motion carried 8-0. Mr. Russell had not yet
arrived.Mrs. Garcia stated she had respect for the diligence of the firm of Bracewell and Patterson and
their responsibility to the institution. However, she would like to receive information explaining items
under the general category of the firm's billing statement. She also requested that any executive
information, such as real estate or items confidential in nature, be sent to Board members under separate
Motion No. 859 - Mr. Murphy moved approval of the purchase of broadcasting studio package
equipment. Mr. Davila seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0. Mrs. Garcia requested an update of
HCCS-TV programs and partnerships for the Board's assessment and additional recommendations.
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December 10, 1998
Mr. Davila asked when Board meetings would be televised by HCC-TV. Mr. Henderson asked the
Administration to look into Mr. Davila's suggestion. Mr. Austin mentioned that Access Houston has also
requested permission to broadcast HCC Board meetings.
Motion No. 860 - Mrs. Garcia indicated she had no further discussion of this item. Mr. Murphy moved
approval of the purchase of LabWorks Chemistry System; Mr. Davila seconded the motion. Motion
carried 9-0.
Mrs. Garcia stressed that successful HCCS programs should be highlighted in the magazine. She
emphasized that the visit of Secretary Bill Richardson, Secretary of U.S. Department of Energy, to the
Southeast College and Dean Irene Pocarello's Department of Energy grant-funded project should be
highlighted in particular.
Mr. Murphy stated he would prefer voting on this item following the presentation of HCC's marketing
plan in order to better understand how this advertising purchase in the energy magazine will fit into our
overall marketing plan. Mr. Henderson confirmed that the item would be voted on after closed session.
Motion No 861 - Mr. Austin requested that the two items be voted on together. He moved approval of
the lease/purchase of driver education vehicles and police vehicles. Mr. Fonteno seconded the motion.
The motion carried 8-0. Mr. Russell abstained with an affidavit on file.Mr. Austin referred to the
previous Finance Committee meeting where group bidding in conjunction with other governmental
agencies was discussed. He requested that efficiency measures be used in our purchasing processes for
cost effectiveness.Mr. Russell also suggested that we strive to do business in Houston because Houston
is paying the taxes HCCS receives.
Motion No. 862 - Mr. Murphy moved approval of the Stafford library expansion and renovation project.
Mrs. Garcia seconded the motion. Motion carried 9-0.Mrs. Garcia expressed concern about the library
SACS compliance issue relating to all the colleges. She requested that the Administration submit a plan
and budget for bringing all colleges into compliance.
Mr. Austin questioned the list of items that did not have a source of funding which were discussed at the
Finance Committee meeting. He requested clarification concerning items that were without funding,
items that already had a source of funding, and the rationale for two different lists. Mr. Austin conveyed
his concern that he does not have a good sense of the college's fiscal management's integrity, explaining
that when he sees revenue figures, he wants to be able to distinguish where they come from and what
they have been applied to. Mrs. Garcia reflected on the purpose of the previous Finance Committee
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December 10, 1998
meeting, which she understood was for the purpose of review and prioritization. She felt there has been a
tendency within the last two years or so, to find monies for certain areas of the college, but find it
extremely difficult to locate funds for other necessary projects, such as needed improvements in the
library in the Felix Morales Building. Mrs. Garcia noted it is recognized that funds are needed at one
library but plans and funding for all other libraries have not been presented to the Board. Mrs. Garcia
stated that in her opinion, the college is not sending a message of equity.
Ms. Garcia asked Dr. Burgos as to when she would make recommendations to the Finance Committee
on these matters and when would the appropriations for the Morales Library be included on the agenda
in the future. Mrs. Garcia pointed out that if our vision and mission is to do what is right for all the
taxpayers we represent, the Administration should present a plan and timeline for all library projects.
Mr. Henderson felt there was some confusion stemming from definitional terminology which needed to
be rectified. The Board also needed schedules and other clarification for the projects on both lists. Mr.
Henderson concluded that judging from the discussions, Mrs. Garcia is wanting answers to these
questions: what are the priority and ordering of these projects; what is the mechanism by which these
decisions are made; and is there an equity issue in these regards anywhere across the entire community
college system.
Dr. Burgos assured the Board that every college will have its library needs met. She reported that the
Stafford College Library was ahead in the process and money was encumbered from the fund balance
for that project. She also reported that we are working through the library needs systematically, and
since Northeast is constructing its facilities now, the library needs there will be addressed soon.
Motion No. 863 - Mr. Austin moved approval of the structural engineering inspection and analysis of the
J. B. Whiteley Building. Mr. Davila seconded the motion. Motion carried 9-0.Mr. Austin requested
additional information, once the work is completed, concerning the severity of problems in the J.B.
Whiteley Building, located at Central College. Mrs. Garcia reaffirmed that as a college we must always
be diligent concerning the integrity of the process by which we appoint vendors, contractors, architects,
etc., so that everyone qualified is afforded an opportunity to participate. Dr. Mulcahy reported that
because this was an emergency, we did not go out for an RFP (Request for Proposal). We needed
someone on the job the same day the problem was reported to us.
Mr. Davila stressed he had problems with the practice of selecting people and spending money prior to
the Board's approval.
Mr. Austin requested that counsel construct a policy for choosing from three vendors, especially when it
is not a sole source procurement.
After further discussions, Mr. Henderson indicated, that this item based upon legal counsel's advice,
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December 10, 1998
would be voted on after closed session. Mrs. Garcia requested an explanation so she could be better
informed on the item should it go into executive session. Mr. Michel explained there are some legal
issues involving the passing of a motion when an item is submitted as an emergency item. The delay of
the vote until after closed session would not prevent the Board from a full discussion of the item in open
Motion No. 864 - Mr. Oliver moved to combine and approve change orders to contract for construction
of the Roland W. Smith Truck Driving School and the Codwell Hall Library Expansion. Mrs. Smith
seconded the motion.Motion carried 9-0.Mr. Oliver noted that we should exercise due diligence with the
expenditure of public funds, especially monies from the fund balance that involve unresolved code
compliance issues. Mrs. Garcia reiterated that when changes are made to specifications, we should be
conscientious that those changes are justifiable.
Mr. Davila reminded the Administration that we should invest in places where people are paying taxes,
just as we are encouraged to make purchases in places where taxes are paid to the college. He stressed
that we should locate and purchase properties that are within our boundaries, and build buildings that are
in our districts. He is concerned with the fact that we are subsidizing out-of-district students in the
amount of over 20 million dollars annually.
Mrs. Garcia expressed her strong support for Mr. Davila's remarks. She, too, is concerned that the site is
not located in the geographic area of our tax base.
Mr. Russell indicated that in the makeup of the student body at Westchester, there are a number of
students who are taxpayers. There are a lot of in-district students going to Westchester. He hopes the
same group of students plan to go to Town Country and that the community will become taxpayers.
Mrs. Garcia and Mr. Austin had questions concerning the lack of clarity on the part of all the Trustees
regarding those items presented to the Finance Committee that were to be prioritized. Mrs. Garcia
indicated that these matters concerned real estate and she had legal questions concerning the contract.
Therefore, upon the advice of legal counsel, the questions would be addressed in executive session. Mr.
Henderson agreed to defer this item until closed session.
Mr. Austin moved to approve the capital expenditure budget. Mrs. Smith seconded the motion. Mr.
Austin felt that items such as these should go before the Finance Committee prior to appearing on the
agenda. Dr. Burgos indicated that these items were intended for discussion during the Finance
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December 10, 1998
Committee meeting but the session ended before they were addressed. Dr. Burgos stressed that decisions
must be made before the holidays because some of the proposed expenditures need to be spent on
construction items at the West Loop site prior to January classes.
Mrs. Smith requested a quick synopsis of the process of getting items on the capital expenditure budget.
She also asked if there is a standard policy throughout the college relating to computers.
Dr. Williamson responded that there is a system-wide standards committee that adopts standards for
computers and laptops. This year a comprehensive purchase of computers is underway, which leads to a
substantial price discounting of the computers. In addition, we are standardizing the types of computers
were purchasing system-wide.
After further discussion, Mrs. Garcia recommended that the capital expenditure budget be referred to the
Finance Committee for further review and deliberations. Dr. Burgos interjected that if this occurred, a
special emergency board meeting would have to follow the Finance Committee meeting because the
computers must be purchased and installed by January in order for West Loop campus to be opened.
Amended Motion: Motion No. 865 Mrs. Garcia made a motion that the main motion not be voted on
tonight but be tabled. Motion was seconded by Mr. Davila. Motion carried 5-4. The original motion was
The discussion resulted in referring the capital expenditure budget back to the Finance Committee for
further review and directed the committee to report back to the Board with a recommendation for further
action. A subsequent emergency meeting of the Board would be called to consider the recommendation
of the Finance Committee.
Motion No. 866 Mr. Austin moved to approve the Auditor's Management Letter. Motion was seconded
by Mr. Davila. Motion carried 9-0. Mr. Austin and Mr. Murphy requested this item be reconsidered after
executive session.
Motion No. 867 Mr. Davila moved to approve funds for the banquet and rental of space for the
employee recognition ceremony. Mr. Russell seconded the motion. Motion carried 9-0.
Motion No. 868 - Mr. Austin moved to approve an increase in out-of-district fees. Ms. Smith seconded
the motion. Motion carried 9-0. Mr. Austin commended Ms. Smith, Chair of the Enrollment
Enhancement Committee, for doing a very good job. Her analysis provided information concerning the
subsidizing of out-of-district clientele.
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December 10, 1998
Mr. Davila also congratulated her on a job well done but wanted verification of the total annual cost for
subsidizing out-of-district students. Dr. Burgos agreed that the cost was approximately $20 million
dollars. Ms. Smith commented that this figure indicates HCC's popularity with students outside the area,
and that the Board should seek a balance in servicing these students as well as assessing the right
amount of fees; we do not want to lose them to another higher education institution. Mr. Davila
expressed concern over annexation, recollecting a mandate by the Board two years ago that the
Chancellor move on this issue. Mr. Davila indicated that his concern was for representing the taxpayers.
Mr. Austin recalled that the Board agreed to take a year off from discussing annexation and instead
spend a year addressing the direction and progress of education as it relates to our entire system.
a. None to report
Financial Activity Dr. Burgos expressed appreciation for the Board's attendance at the Finance
Committee meeting of December 7, 1998. The Board's recommendations were beneficial to the
staff, who acted upon them as quickly as possible Dr. Burgos referred to 1.B of the financial
activity report, which contained the prioritization of the unfunded obligatory projects which
totaled $8 million dollars in cost. The amount of the plant fund totaled $7,832,132 available for
financing the obligatory projects. Dr. Burgos also referred to 1.C, indicating that priorities were
listed totaling $1,810,000 that needed funding. She reported that these priorities could be funded
from several sources: $1 million in uncollected property taxes we expect to collect; an increase in
enrollment which will yield approximately $1 million in additional tuition; and the postponement
of at least two technology capital projects - - the imaging system and student e-mail. In addition,
there is the possibility of cutting back or consolidating some summer session classes in 1999.
These savings should allow us to raise $2.5 million dollars to pay for extra expenses not funded
from the plant funds.
Y2K - Dr. Williamson gave an update of the Y2K initiatives and informed the Board members
that monthly reports will be distributed to them until the year 2000 arrives. Dr. Williamson
reported that many of our older computers, application software and devices that have embedded
micro chips are simply not prepared to deal with the January 2000 date. The potential problems
range from mildly inconvenient to disastrous. HCC is not in a life-or-death situation;
nevertheless, if our students are unable to register, if payroll is unable to run, if bills cannot be
paid or the equipment in our instructional programs won't operate properly, we will have serious
problems and consequences. Therefore, the Y2K Task Force has been working diligently to avoid
having these problems. The task force is working with guidelines provided by the state and
federal governments. A system-wide committee has been appointed to address all issues. The
Y2K Executive Status Report was distributed, and Dr. Williamson reviewed the details of the
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/hccs/My%20Do...Board%20of%20Trustees%20Minutes%201999/decmin.html (8 of 16) [3/25/2008 4:11:42 PM]
December 10, 1998
report. Mr. Art West was introduced as the consultant approved by the Board to handle the
remediation of our mainframe systems. Dr. Williamson commended Mr. West for his ability both
technically and strategically in dealing with computer operations. Dr. Williamson completed her
report and welcomed questions from the Board.
Mr. Murphy inquired about funds budgeted for Y2K. Dr. Williamson reported that the major
funds have already been approved. The smaller items we hope to handle as maintenance items
within the current budget structure. Any large items not anticipated will be absorbed in this years
Marketing Plan Dr. Burgos emphasized we did not have to go outside the college to outsource
this project because within the college itself we had a specialist in marketing, Ms. Linda Koffel,
chair of the Business Administration Department hubbed at Northeast College. She has had over
24 years of experience in marketing, including several years as a director of communications for
a major services corporation. Ms. Koffel's committee put together a marketing plan, which was
distributed to the Board. She thanked the Research Office for information about the college, our
constituents, and our target markets. Her committee also worked with Texas Education Agency,
HCC's Public Information Office and has had tremendous support within the system.
The committee has representatives from each of the five colleges, and committee members were
selected for their creativity, their innovation, their knowledge of marketing and their energy.
The Marketing Plan has five objectives: To improve the overall image of HCCS; to promote
HCCS as a service institution; to increase enrollment; to create internal marketing program; and
to increase awareness of HCCS in the community. Ms. Koffel elaborated on all five objectives. In
conclusion, a strategic plan across the system is being developed addressing the means by which
to reach the markets that we need to reach and with what message. This plan is comprehensive.
This is affordable and proportional to what we need to be spending to bring us in line with other
institutions of higher learning.
Ms. Smith and Mr. Austin complimented Ms Koffel on a job well done. Mr. Austin was pleased
to see that our own talent within the college was being used and he hopes that we will continue to
seek the talents of this college.
Mr. Russell asked for the break-out between the various types of media. Ms. Koffel responded
that the majority of the money will be spent on intrusive media because if we want to get more
people to know about us, and if we want to change people's view of us or build a view, we have
to get into television and radio, while not cutting out print altogether.
Ms. Smith requested that periodic reports be submitted to the Board. Mrs. Garcia said we should
start looking at devising partnerships with persons who have a lot of respect for this institution.
The alumni association will play a key role, along with a dedicated faculty, in marketing the
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December 10, 1998
college. Dr. Burgos also reported that HCC-TV has a partnership with H.I.S.D. and has covered
13 football games. The coverage also includes the display of the HCC banner, as well as HCC
signs located at football, baseball and basketball arenas within H.I.S.D. schools.
Mr. Murphy's comments were directed to advertising dollars and where they would be spent. He
wanted to know which of these publications appeal to which of those audiences, and what are the
frequency circulations. Ms. Koffel responded that within two months we will have the image
advertising plan completed.
Dr. Burgos added that we have tried to target different audiences in different communities, and
have even utilized different languages in the media with our advertising effort. Dr. Burgos further
explained that the advertising in the Energy Houston Magazine appeals to one sector, and it will
highlight various HCC programs as well as our energy scholarship programs. We will advertise
in six issues, and only two educational institutions will be featured: Houston Community College
and Rice University.
Mrs. Garcia commented we are the only institution that she is aware of that has received millions
of dollars from the Department of Energy for the last 10 years. She doesn't understand why this
partnership is the best-kept secret at HCCS, but she wants the message to be published
nationwide commending what the Department of Energy, Ms. Irene Pocarello and Dr. Ramos
have done during the last 10 years.
Legislative Agenda-Dr. Burgos reminded the Board that last month we approved the hiring of a
Governmental Relations director, Ms. Isabel Nart. Ms. Nart has put together a draft legislative
agenda that she will promote this next legislative year.
Ms. Nart circulated a draft, pending Board's approval, and gave a summary of what is going on in
Austin. The 76th Session of the Legislature is going to convene on January 12, 1999. Legislators
started pre-filing bills the day after the November election, and currently there are 475 bills that
have been pre-filed. At that pace it is projected that they will consider more than 5,500 bills this
session. Of the 475 bills that have been pre-filed, seven could potentially involve higher
education, workforce issues, and other issues that might have impact on the college system. She
has copies of them, and hopefully when a review panel is composed, these bills will be reviewed
to determine if they will indeed have impact on the college so that HCCS may develop a response
that helps fulfill our mission. The review panel will represent a broad sector within the college
system. Ms. Nart spoke to the head of the Texas Association of Community Colleges, and he
agreed to set up very aggressive legislation-tracking mechanisms, eliminating the need for us to
subscribe to an individual service for copies of the bills. She is also in the process of speaking to
other organizations in the community regarding legislative issues. The Greater Houston
Partnership will be meeting with us next week to explore the possibly of endorsing any of the
workforce development initiatives that we have. Were also talking to other community colleges
in the area and to Harris County about possible collaborations. Finally, we will approach some of
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/hccs/My%20D...oard%20of%20Trustees%20Minutes%201999/decmin.html (10 of 16) [3/25/2008 4:11:42 PM]
December 10, 1998
the businesses that we do training for and others in the community to identify a long-range
grassroots program for future legislative sessions.
One of our collaborative projects involves a legislative reception we will be co-hosting in Austin
with North Harris County-Montgomery Community College and San Jacinto Community
College. It is scheduled for February 2, in conjunction with the convention for the Texas
Association of Community Colleges.
Ms. Nart reviewed the draft of legislative priorities for the 76th Legislature, indicating that we
want to endorse the legislative agenda that has been developed by TACC, and also by the Texas
Commission on a Representative Student Body. HCCS supports:
Full formula funding for community colleges;
Enhancement of community college efforts on workforce development;
Creation of a High Priority Program Development Fund for use by community and technical
colleges to provide technical support and equipment for the development of new, and the
upgrading of existing, vocational-technical programs;
Legislation that will result in providing welfare clients with intensive
job-readiness training and occupational- skills training by community colleges;
The establishment of incentives for students to earn an associates degree prior to transfer to a
The passage of the legislative recommendations proposed by the Commission on a
Representative Student Body (TCRSB)
In addition, HCCS will monitor and take appropriate action on:
Legislation regarding out-of-district issues;
Legislation on higher education issues.
Mr. Austin asked the Chancellor if she agreed that the policy-making body of a community
college is its governing board. If so, what efforts will she institute to ensure that the Board is
involved in the formulation of governmental policy we're proposing to support. Dr. Burgos
responded that the Board will be part of the group being organized. Ms. Nart assured the Board
that while her office is monitoring proposed legislation and taking appropriate action, formal
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/hccs/My%20D...oard%20of%20Trustees%20Minutes%201999/decmin.html (11 of 16) [3/25/2008 4:11:42 PM]
December 10, 1998
HCCS action on any piece of legislation will have to come from the guidance of the Board. Ms.
Nart welcomes a Board committee to help with this process, and feels it will be beneficial to have
the Board meet with legislators, testify in Austin, and share experiences and input with her office.
Mr. Henderson observed we are not voting on anything in this area tonight. This information was
presented as a draft, but we do have a timing issue since the Legislature opening is on the 12th of
January; therefore, we should address the process of working on this draft and Ms. Nart receiving
the proper authority and approval to discuss items with people. Ms. Nart responded that she
hoped to get this item approved since the legislators and their staffs are here and are drafting
bills. A senator has already drafted legislation, and we have asked them not to file the bill until
they allow us to talk to them since the bill proposes something that would be counter to our
interest. So the timing of this issue is very important.
Mr. Austin wanted assurance that the Board would have adequate information throughout the
process. Ms. Nart agreed and indicated we're working to formulate an interim process to achieve
effective results for HCCS in this legislature session, but for future sessions she plans to survey
all interested partners system-wide, gather suggestions concerning the kind of issues immediately
affecting the institution, and those that might affect it 5 and 10 years into the future, and set up a
real issues- management process so that the Legislature will have our complete package to know
how we feel about those issues. Mr. Henderson asked Ms. Nart to begin a process of making
direct contact with each of the trustees to get their individual input both on the policy matters and
the process.
Ms. Nart asked if we could set up an ad hoc committee. Mr. Henderson agreed but suggested she also
make individual contact with each Board member. Mrs. Garcia stated that since a lot of our funds are
generated from the state, this session of the Legislature is an extremely important one. She felt that Ms.
Nart comprises the legislative staff who will help us move our agenda along but that the direction should
emanate from the Chairman of the Board. Mrs. Garcia also recalled that the Chancellor met with
legislators, and as a Board, need to know who met with the Chancellor and the Administration, and what
were the issues discussed this past year for 98-99. We need to get the background of whom we have
talked to, what was discussed, who did respond from our constituency, because we all have elected
officials that represent us in Austin and not all of them were part of this process. Then, a governmental
relations process has to be established and approved by this Board, whether it be at a regular meeting or
through a conference call, so that we have the global issues, the Gulf coast issues which arise from all
the colleges, and then we have the TASP, which everyone is concerned about. As a Board, we do not
want to find out at a much later date what was lobbied for or what was discussed if we didn't have firsthand knowledge. Therefore, it is imperative that the Administration and the legislative designee now
clearly understand that the process is established for Board sanctioning of our positions.
Ms. Nart suggested that if the need arises, she will communicate information to the Board by e-mail. Mr.
Henderson again encouraged the Board to utilize their e-mail systems in a timely manner so that Ms.
Nart can do her job. Ms. Nart felt confident that we can devise a process that all Board members will be
comfortable with, and which will also allow us to address those surprise situations when they come up.
She also informed the Board that she had the opportunity to talk to a lot of different members of the
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/hccs/My%20D...oard%20of%20Trustees%20Minutes%201999/decmin.html (12 of 16) [3/25/2008 4:11:42 PM]
December 10, 1998
Harris County delegation, and each one of them was very, very positive about the system and what it is
doing. They saw a lot of promise for Houston Community College System in the future.
Dr. Burgos interjected that the purposes of the visit of the legislators to our Chancellor's Council was
mainly to help them get acquainted with HCCS, rather than just discussing issues. Mr. Henderson
advised the Board to digest this draft document and make notes/comments on what their concerns might
be. He will appoint an ad hoc committee and encouraged those interested in serving on it to make their
interest known.
There is a need to reschedule the January meeting to one week earlier due to the conflicting meeting of
the Coordinating Board Austin. Mrs. Garcia recommended that we hold the January Board meeting at
the Southeast Campus.
Enrollment Enhancement-Mrs. Garcia announced that she will present the committee's finalized
report in January.
Facilities - Mr. Murphy reported that information is being mailed out and lots of information is
coming back, representing good input. The subcommittee is hoping to send a draft of another part
of the plan to the Board between now and January, and to have a total draft plan with comments
and revisions in January, allowing for Board action on it in February. A workshop is planned to
occur in January or February.
Mr. Austin asked if it is Mr. Murphy's intent for his facilities analysis to form the basis of a
capital improvement plan (C.I.P.) Mr. Murphy responded that the facilities plan would identify
all the resources needed and would give some costs. However, the priorities and list-making
would be a task of the Board, following the plan. Once the Board prioritizes and determines
funding for the projects, we will be in a position to have a C.I.P. very soon.
Finance - Mr. Austin reported that the Finance Committee met on Monday, December 7th with
the Facilities Committee and reviewed several items that were thought to be emergencies. They
prioritized these items, which were to go before the full Board for recommendations. The
committees agreed that nearly every item on the list was necessary but asked the Administration
to review its encumbrances and other categories to find $5 million dollars to fund these items.
There were a large number of Board members present at the combined Finance/Facilities
Committees meeting of December 7th, and it was a very productive meeting.
Mr. Austin also reported that some discussions involved Dr. Forde's need for facilities because
HISD is forcing us out of Waltrip and Scarbrough campuses. In addition, the Board asked for the
number of students and revenue that are affected, and asked the Administration to look at
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/hccs/My%20D...oard%20of%20Trustees%20Minutes%201999/decmin.html (13 of 16) [3/25/2008 4:11:42 PM]
December 10, 1998
savings. He said that an analysis had been prepared previously and wanted to know if that
information had been shared with the Board. In addition, Mrs. Garcia asked a question
concerning St. Andrews Church, and the Administration was to respond to it as well. Mr. Austin
encouraged the Administration to address all these issues as soon as possible because students
will be ready to go to school, and the question is, will we be ready to receive them.
Revenue Enhancement - Mrs. Smith reported her committee has not met in the last several
months due to scheduling problems, but some work has been done in areas of the Work
Developments enterprise funds.
Mr. Henderson adjourned the meeting to Executive Session at 7:45 p.m., notice having been previously
given, and reiterated by him in accordance with the Open Meetings Law. He stated any final action,
vote, or decision on any item discussed in Executive Session would be taken up in Open Session or in a
subsequent Public Meeting. Mr. Henderson reconvened the meeting in Open Session at 9:25 p.m., and
entertained motions on matters pending.
Motion No. 869-Mrs. Garcia moved approval of the purchase of advertising in the Energy Houston. Mr.
Davila seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-1; Mr. Murphy opposed. Mr. Oliver and Mr. Russell had
departed the meeting.
Amended Motion No. 870 - Mr. Austin moved to amend the motion for consent agenda item #17 to
include, based upon the Administration's representations, that the delay posed by the competitive
bidding process would substantially impair the conduct of classes or other essential educational
activities, and to further include the directive to the Administration to propose a policy to select
contractors for emergency measures. Mr. Davila accepted the amended motion and seconded it. Motion
carried 7-0; Mr. Oliver and Mr. Russell had departed the meeting.
Motion No. 871 - Mr. Davila moved to approve the lease with TPMC Realty Corporation for relocation
of Westchester and Paul Revere Centers to Town & Country Mall. Motion carried 4-2. Mrs. Garcia and
Mr. Davila opposed; Mr. Austin abstained. Mr. Oliver and Mr. Russell had departed the meeting.
Amended Motion No. 872- Mr. Austin moved for the acceptance of the Auditor's Management Letter as
is, with the amendments recommended by the Board to the external auditor. Mr. Davila accepted the
amended motion and seconded it. Motion carried 7-0. Mr. Oliver and Mr. Russell had departed the
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/hccs/My%20D...oard%20of%20Trustees%20Minutes%201999/decmin.html (14 of 16) [3/25/2008 4:11:42 PM]
December 10, 1998
Motion No. 873- Mr. Austin moved to approve the personnel agenda except for the position of the chief
financial officer. Mr. Davila seconded the motion. Motion carried 7-0.
Motion No. 874- Mr. Austin moved to approve Mr. Joseph A. Fenninger in the position of chief
financial officer. Mr. Fonteno seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-3; Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Austin and
Mr. Davila opposed. Mr. Oliver and Mr. Russell had departed the meeting.
The next Regular Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 21, 1999, at 4:00 p.m. It will be held
at the Carlos Garcia Fine Arts Annex, Southeast College.
With no further business to come before the Board, the Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.
Mr. Henderson asked the Board to remain to discuss additional information that was just made known to
him which involved the capital expenditure budget item that was tabled and referred back to the Finance
Committee. Within the capital expenditure budget was a purchase order of computers, representing some
1,100 computers for the entire college system, which has to be placed by Monday, December 14, 1998.
The purchase order is at a reduced group rate and will have to be renegotiated if it is delayed.
Mr. Henderson asked if it was the pleasure of the Board to reconsider this item. Dr. Burgos added that
the computers are needed for the beginning of the next semester, especially for the West Loop Center.
Dr. Williamson confirmed that this purchase order is also needed for the entire system, including all
other projects such as our networking for the Eastside.
Mrs. Garcia asked for the amount that would be taken out of the $6 million dollars. An exact amount
was unavailable. Mr. Austin indicated that the Board needed assurance that only the purchase order for
the computers would go forward, and the other items would be held over until the Finance Committee
reviewed them.
Mrs. Garcia said she was uncomfortable with these deliberations, for it appeared to her that the Board
was answering to an audience. Mrs. Garcia did not believe that we should reconvene the meeting and
departed. Mr. Henderson asked if there was a motion to reconvene the Meeting.
Motion No. 875 - Mr. Murphy made a motion to reconvene the meeting. Mr. Fonteno seconded the
motion. Motion carried 5-1; Mr. Davila opposed. Mr. Oliver, Mr. Russell and Mrs. Garcia had departed
the meeting.
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/hccs/My%20D...oard%20of%20Trustees%20Minutes%201999/decmin.html (15 of 16) [3/25/2008 4:11:42 PM]
December 10, 1998
Motion No. 876- Mr. Murphy made a motion to approve the portion of the capital budget related to the
purchase of computers, solely that item, and that we refer the rest of the budget to the Finance
Committee. Ms. Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0. Mr. Henderson asked that the
Administration be very diligent in extracting only the computer purchase order, which was being done
for the economic benefit of this college system. Everything else is to be referred back in its entirety to
the Finance Committee for further review and prioritization.
With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.
Minutes Prepared By:
Grace Moolchan, Administrative Assistant
Board Services Office
Reviewed, Finalized and Submitted By:
John Fonteno, Jr., Secretary
Minutes Approved as Submitted:
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