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September 2012
Volume 5 Issue 7
The t-shirts which all youth received at the CC 4-H/FFA Fair were sponsored by Snader
Farms and Lease Brothers Farms. Please send them a “Thank You” at the following address.
Thank you notes foster lots of good will and keep the t-shirts coming year after year…
Snader Farms
PO Box 600
New Windsor, MD 21776
Lease Brothers Farms
4445 Ladiesburg Road
Union Bridge, MD 21791
And a THANK YOU for…
Bowman’s supplied the green t-shirts for anyone. If you received one of these please send a
THANK YOU note to:
R.D. Bowman’s & Sons, Inc., 107 Englar Road, Westminster, MD 21157
Did you forget Something?
If you forgot to pick up something from the fair, it is still at the Extension Office, but will only be
here until September 14, then all items will be discarded! There are pictures and, of course craft
items. Stop by and pick up your forgotten items before September 14!
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped with Fair Set-up and Fair Clean-up in the Red
Building. With all the tremendous help we were able to finish both days earlier than in previous
years. Lots of hands make the work lighter for everyone.
If you received a trophy or award from a department in the Red Building please send a thank you
to the donor. If you need an address, contact Sandra Stonesifer at 410-857-0416 for information.
National 4-H Week
Start thinking about how your club can promote 4-H! National 4-H Week
is October 7–13 and will take place at the Town Mall.
Plan to put your club’s activities or a display in your favorite window, store or
school! Don’t forget to call the office to let us know where your display is located
and the times we are able to view it. If you need promotional flyers, contact
the office.
Carroll County 4-H Open House
Paper Clover Promotion
We will be holding our annual open house
this year. Clubs will have the opportunity
and are encouraged to set up displays
throughout the Town Mall which will be
showcased from Monday, October 8
through Saturday October 13. Our
“Open House” will be on Saturday,
October 13 at the mall from 10am-2pm.
Clubs are invited to bring displays, make
and take it crafts, or just sit to talk about
your club to interested folks! If you want to
do a demonstration or give a speech, that
would be great! Please call the Extension
Office to sign up your club or activity.
Hope to see all our clubs there!
The fall Tractor Supply Company
Paper Clover promotion will be
September 19 through Sunday,
September 30. We are looking
for clubs/individuals who would
like to come out to TSC during
demonstrations/speeches or just
help bag items. This is a great way to get a
demonstration completed, if you still need
one for your project records, but also
increases the chances of people donating
money back to the 4-H program. If you are
interested in participating in the clover
promotion, please contact Miriam Bell at
443-547-3987 to schedule a time!
National 4-H Youth Science Day
The 2012 experiment “Eco-Bots” will
explore how to utilize robotics and
“designed to engage youth
around the country” and
will introduce youth to
concepts. We will be doing
some of the experiments
at the Town Mall! Join us on Wednesday,
October 10, at 7pm (please arrive around
6:30) at the mall for a great night of fun and
science. Please call the Extension Office to
register. For more information about the
experiment visit www.ca4h.org/Projects/
SET/NYSD/ or email [email protected]
Texas Roadhouse Night
Head out to Texas Roadhouse on
Tuesday, October 23rd between 4pm to
close and have dinner. 10% of your total
purchase will be returned to the Carroll
County 4-H Program. Just make sure you
take along a flyer (look in October’s
Tribune) with you that night and present it
when you pay your bill. Come out and have
a great dinner all while supporting your
local 4-H program!
Maryland 4-H State Dressage Show
The Maryland 4-H State Dressage Show
and Combined test is scheduled for
Sunday, September 30, 2012 at the Carroll
County Agriculture Center in Westminster,
MD. Registration forms are due by Friday,
September 7, and will be limited to the first
forms and more information
Questions can be directed
to Ginger LaBarre at
[email protected]
UME Volunteer Leader Training
Would you like to be a University of
Maryland Extension Volunteer? Are you
helping out at club meetings with projects
or activities? Do you have parents in your
club who have expressed an interest in
being a 4-H volunteer?
The next UME training is scheduled for
Thursday, September 6 at 6pm.
Please call the Extension Office at 410386-2760 to register.
We will be holding 3 club leader’s meetings
this year. There is extremely important
information that will be shared at these
meetings. It will only be necessary to
attend one of these meetings, but
please make sure that at least one
leader from your club is in attendance.
Thursday, October 25 at 7pm
Monday, October 29 at 7pm
Tuesday, October 30 at 7pm
Remember it is very important that you
send a club leader representative to one of
these meetings as new and important
information will be given to club leaders.
2012 Volunteer and Youth Forum
Mark the date!! Plan to be in Ocean City with
us this fall. November 16–18 is the MD 4-H
Volunteer Forum. Lots of classes for
volunteers and senior youth to attend,
restaurants to visit, “Festival of Lights” and
much more!! Registration will be on our
website and the state website in September.
There is an early bird discount, so be
watching! If interested, a $25 scholarship is
available to help with registration costs. See
the flyer attached to this Tribune.
Clover Halloween Party
Calling all Clover 4-Hers! Come
and join the fun at the 2012
Sunday, October 28, 1pm-3pm
at the Extension Office. Come in costume
to enjoy games, trick or treating, prizes,
crafts and a costume contest! There will
be snacks for parents and their children.
Please RSVP by October 25, 2012.
Make It With Wool
Want to be part of something fun and
rewarding? The Maryland “Make it With
Wool” contest is being held right here in
Carroll County! Mark the date of Saturday,
October 13, 2012. If interested, contact Dr.
Judy Williamson at [email protected]
Beat the Midwinter Blahs will be held on
Saturday, January 26, 2013, at the Carroll
County Ag Center. Please mark the date
on your calendar now and plan on joining
us for this informative and fun day.
Attached to this issue of the Tribune is a
form requesting classes for The Blahs. If
you are interested in teaching, please be
sure to fill out the form and send it to the
Extension Office. If you have a class idea
but cannot teach, please fill out the form
and check the appropriate spot. We are
looking for a wide variety of topics to meet
the interest of everyone. Class information
is due to the office by Friday, November 2,
If you have questions, please feel
free to contact Becky at 410-386-2760 or
[email protected]
A workshop to help 4-Her’s complete their
unit completions (project records) will be
held on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, here at
the Extension office at 7pm. Please call to
register by September 28th so materials
can be prepared. This will be a step-bystep, hands on session so that you will
know what goes where! If you prefer, call
Becky to come to your club meeting and
present this training! Check out some tips
to help start your unit completions at the
end of this Tribune!
Senior Portfolios-October 16, 2012
Junior Record Books-November 1, 2012
Both sessions will be at the Extension
Office starting at 7pm.
Senior Portfolios consist of a
resume and an essay. Samples of
resumes will be given out and reviewed.
Tips on the essay will also be given. The
essay question for 2012 is not available
consist of a Junior Summary
Report Form, a 4-H Story, Project
Records, Photos and Clippings.
The forms will be reviewed and tips will be
given on completing the book. Call Becky if
you have questions. Please call the office,
410-386-2760, to register for either class
so we can prepare materials.
If you prefer, call Becky to come to
your club meeting and present this training!
National Trips for Senior Members
If you are a senior member, and
would like to possibly be awarded a
National Trip, then it’s time to start thinking
about that Senior Portfolio!
Senior Portfolio’s for National 4-H
Conference are due to the Carroll
County 4-H Office by October 1, 2012!!
If you have already attended
National 4-H Congress or one of the other
trips, this may be the one for you. Held at
Chevy Chase, MD it is for our older youth.
For other trips, (National 4-H
Congress, Camp Miniwanca, West Virginia
Old Members’ Conference and Virginia 4-H
Congress) Senior Portfolios will be due on
January 3, 2013.
If you would like help or advice on
putting together a senior portfolio, please
call Becky at the office and she would be
glad to help.
The essay title has not been
decided as yet, but we will send it to club
leaders as soon as we have it!
Diamond Clover Awards
Are you working toward achieving one of
the six levels of the Diamond Clover
Award? They are due to the 4-H Office by
February 1, 2013 (or earlier!).
Level six requires a Service Learning
Proposal Form which must have a County
Committee to review and approve and then
it must go to the State 4-H Office for review
and approval. Contact Becky if you need
help with Level six. Level Six Diamond
Clover awards are due to the Extension
Office by Wednesday September 12, 2012.
Outdoor Recreation Club!!
Do you have an interest in exploring the
outdoors? Would you like to learn basic
outdoor survival skills? Do you like to hike
and camp?
If you answered “yes,” “maybe,” or “I don’t
know” to any of these questions, then there
may be a new opportunity for you in 4-H! If
you are interested in being a part of this
club as a member or a volunteer, please
contact Jim Serfass at 410-386-2760 or
[email protected]
Fair Board Meetings
Don’t forget that everyone is welcome to
participate in fair board meetings held at
the Extension Office. Next meeting dates
September 5, 2012 at 7:30pm
September 26, 2012 at 7:30pm
Too Many Ribbons?
Don’t throw them away? Bring them to the
Extension Office or a Fair Board Meeting.
The Fair will recycle them for next year! So
don’t throw them out, let’s recycle
everything including ribbons!
Are you interested in learning how to make
jam? How about learning about canning
vegetables? We will be offering a
workshop to learn all about food
preservation! This workshop is being
offered at the Baltimore County Extension
Office on Saturday, Sept 8 from 9 to
4:30pm. There is a $15 registration fee to
cover materials. If interested, contact
[email protected] by September 4th.
We are looking for someone who is
interested in working with the Public
Speaking program. If you are interested in
being a Public Speaking superintendent,
please contact Becky Ridgeway at 410386-2760. Thanks to Janie Dell and
Amanda Hart for their years of dedication
to the Public Speaking program!
Have you ever wanted to learn more about
sewing? Renee Mohr will be offering two
sewing workshops this fall at Winters Mill
High School on Friday, October 5 and
Friday, November 2. Both workshops will
be from 4:30-8:30pm. Everyone is
welcome to attend; clovers need to
have an adult caregiver stay with
them. Remember to bring dinner
with you. For more information and
to register please contact Renee at
[email protected]
We’re making Crazy Quilt Wall
Hangings!!! Come join us at
the Extension Office on
Saturday, Sept. 29 from 9am12pm. Make sure you don’t miss out on all
of the fun! If you have questions please call
Janie Dell or Becky Ridgeway at 410-3862760.
Check out the attached flyer to learn more.
The Super Sonic Sparks 4-H
Robotics Team is planning to add a
marketing group to their team. The Team
competes in 5 to 10 local (MD, PA and VA)
VEX Robotics events per year and has
attended the VEX Robotics World
Championship the past 4 years.
includes aspects that involve use of
graphic arts, videography, photography,
website development, computer animation
and creative writing, and we would like to
improve our performance in these areas by
adding a group of up to three 4-H members
with those interests and skills.
The marketing team would work
very closely with the rest of the team in
order to understand the technical work
being done, and would translate that
understanding into marketing materials to
be used for promoting the team, seeking
interviews at competitions, and various
written and creative submissions for World
Members of the marketing group
would need to attend most team meetings
(Monday nights, weekly) and would travel
and participate as integral members of the
overall team. We are working to form a
partnership with a local marketing and
graphic arts company to serve as mentors.
If you are going to be in 7th to 12th grade
this school year and are interested, please
[email protected] or 410-2592749.
The 2012 Carroll County Ag Center corn maze opens on Friday, September 28 and will
run through Sunday, November 4. This year’s theme is celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the
Civil War.
The Ag Center is looking for volunteers to work at the corn maze. The maze will be open
Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm to 9pm and Sunday’s from 1pm to 6pm. There will also be
additional days for scheduled large groups on week nights. We need people to help sell tickets,
snacks, and just generally watch the folks in the corn maze. If you come with a group, you would
have time to go through the maze yourself during your shift, and you can earn service hours.
There are also some daytime ticket selling opportunities on weekends, as they will be selling
tickets at weekend events in the Shipley Arena.
Please contact Nichole at 410-848-6704 or [email protected] to
Therapeutic Riding Program Opportunity
Want to share some time with some great folks and some marvelous horses? You can volunteer
with the 4-H Therapeutic Riding Program! Students, parents, friends, high school students and up
can spend a couple hours a week working with some wonderful riders and horses and help keep
this program moving forward! You don’t have to own horses, be in a horse club, or know anything
about them to get started. Training is Sept. 5th at 4:30 in the TRP Barn at the Ag Center. This is
an 8 week commitment. Lessons run Monday through Thursday from 5-7pm, so pick a day that
works with your schedule and come on out and help! If you can’t commit to weekly, our barn
opening is Sept. 1 at 9:00 am. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs, scrub the buckets and fluff up the
stalls to prepare for the start of lessons. There are also lots of behind the scenes jobs available.
Contact Karen Scott at [email protected] for more information, or register with Peggie at
[email protected]
What a great summer!!!
Just a simple “Thank You” to all youth, parents, and our wonderful volunteer for making
the fair a success! Without everyone pulling together, the many events that happened
before, during and after the fair would not happen. Sometimes we forget to say thank you
for all that everyone does in order to make the fair happen, but we should remember to
say those little words, they can mean so much!
So, THANKS to all!!
Kathy Gordon
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development
[email protected]
Jim Serfass
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development
[email protected]
Becky Ridgeway
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development
[email protected]
www.carroll.umd.edu/4h The Carroll County 4-H Website. Find The Tribune online, plus other forms and
information for youth and leaders.
www.maryland4h.org The Maryland State 4-H Youth Development Website. News & information from all over
the state, plus forms and information for youth and leaders.
Carroll County 4-H Youth Development
University of Maryland Extension
700 Agriculture Center
Westminster, MD 21157-5700
It is the policy of the University of Maryland Extension that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color,
gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital or parental status, or disability.
If you have a disability that requires special assistance for your participation in a program, please contact the Carroll County Extension
Office at 410-386-2760, fax: 410-876-0132, two (2) weeks prior to the program.
The information given herein is supplied with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement by University of
Maryland Extension is implied.
2012 Exhibitor Requirements for Animal Health
Livestock Exhibitors: (Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Alpacas)
CVI and Self Certification form
Equine Exhibitors:
Valid Coggins test within the last 12 months
Equine Self Certification Form
Poultry Exhibitors:
Proof of MD Poultry Premise ID number
Avian Influenza Test
Pullorum-Typhoid Test
Poultry Self Certification Form
Rabbit & Cavies Exhibitors:
Self Certification Form
*** A person may not show livestock at any petting zoo, unless all exhibited animals in the petting zoo,
105 days of age or older, are vaccinated against rabies as provided in COMAR 10.06.02, unless there
is no rabies vaccine licensed and approved by the USDA for that animal species. Approved species
are Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets.
Upcoming Dates to Remember…
Sept 3
Sept 5
Sept 6
Sept 8
Sept 29
Sept 30
Oct 2
Oct 8
Oct 10
Oct 13
Oct 13
Oct 16
Oct 23
Oct 25
Oct 29
Oct 30
Nov 1
Nov 12
Nov 16-18
Nov 22-23
CC Extension Office Closed, Labor Day
CC 4-H/FFA Fair Board Meeting, CC Ext Office, 7pm
UME Volunteer Training, CC Ext Office, 6pm
Food Preservation Workshop, Baltimore Ext Office, 9am – 4:30pm
Crazy Quilt Workshop, CC Ext Office, 9am – 12pm
State 4-H Dressage Show & Combined Test, Westminster, MD
Unit Completions Training, CC Ext Office, 7pm
CC Extension Office Closed, Columbus Day
National 4-H Science Day, Town Mall, 7pm
4-H Open House, Town Mall, 10am – 2pm
Maryland “Make It With Wool” Contest, Westminster, MD
Senior Portfolio Training, CC Ext Office, 7pm
4-H Fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse, Westminster, MD 4pm - Close
Leader’s Meeting, CC Ext Office, 7pm
Leader’s Meeting, CC Ext Office, 7pm
Leader’s Meeting, CC Ext Office, 7pm
Record Book Training, CC Ext Office, 7pm
CC Extension Office Closed, Veteran’s Day
Volunteer and Youth Forum, Ocean City, MD
CC Extension Office Closed, Thanksgiving
Here are some tips and helpful hints as you are working on your 2012 unit completions
for project records.
Don’t forget that the following unit completions are required to show at the 2013
Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair:
All market animals, horse, poultry, rabbit, garden, plants/flowers, photography
 Remember to get your leader to sign your project record!
 Remember for any project you carry, you must have an oral demonstration for that
particular project. For example, if your project is photography, you must give a talk
about photography, or if your project is market lambs, it must be about lambs. If you
carry both market and breeding animal projects, you must have a different talk for
each project. Also, remember, it cannot be to family members, but to 3-4 people who
are not family. Remember, if you are in a judging program, that counts too!
 Remember to list when, where and how your project was exhibited.
 On the Learning Experiences section, the judges are looking for at least:
- 4 items of “What I Did/What I Learned” for juniors
- 6 items of “What I Did/What I Learned” for intermediates
- 8 items of “What I Did/What I Learned” for seniors
Try to be more specific and use descriptive terms to explain this. “I went to the goat
workshop” and “Learned about goats”, is very general and does not tell the judges
anything. Hopefully you are learning things about your project on a regular basis, try to
fill this section as you start your project, and continue to enter items on a weekly or
monthly basis, especially if it is a long term project.
 As you fill out the financial journal, keep in mind all costs that may be associated with
your project. If it is an animal project, you may have bedding, vet costs, transportation
fees, entry fees, feed and many others. At the same time, remember to include all your
income, sales, and premiums!
 When you get to the last page, “The 4-H”s”, try to complete this page with some
thought as to what your project did for you. Was it a project where you were able to
provide community service at some level? Were you able to give to others through this
 Finally, your unit completion requires a supplemental piece. If you carry a market
animal project, a “Project Animal Information” (found on the CC website) is required.
This must be filled out completely, across and down the columns! If your project is
other than a market animal, your supplemental piece can be just about anything!!
Pictures of your project, pictures of you and your project, a curriculum book on the
project, an educational piece about your project. Use your imagination!!! But try to
keep the supplemental piece to one page if not using the curricula books.
Hope this information helps as you are completing your project records for 2012!
Keep up the great work and use these record sheets to help you “grow” your 4-H career!
If you have any questions, please call Becky Ridgeway at the office.
Learn about the exciting sport of orienteering and try your new skills on the course at
Hashawha/Bear Branch Nature Center.
When: Saturday, September 29th at 1pm
Where: Hashawha/Bear Branch Nature Center
What: An educational introduction to the sport of orienteering. The lesson will include map
and compass basics and will be followed by an opportunity for participants to navigate
Hashawha’s own beginner-level orienteering course!
If you’re interested, please contact Jim Serfass, Carroll County 4-H Educator,
[email protected], 410-386-2760
Families and individual youth are encouraged to participate. Friends and family members are
Come out for the weekend and enjoy the fall foliage and cool weather while volunteering and
camping at Catoctin Mountain Park!
When: 10:00AM Saturday, October 20th thru 10:00AM Sunday, October 21st
Where: Catoctin Mountain Park, Thurmont, MD
What: A day-long trail maintenance project led by National Park Service staff. Anyone that
participates in the project will have the option to spend the night in a cabin at Camp Misty
Mount, one of Catoctin’s historic campgrounds, FREE of charge! Service hours will be given
for time spent working on the trails.
If interested, please contact Jim Serfass, Carroll County 4-H Educator,
[email protected], 410-386-2760
Families and individual youth are encouraged to participate. Friends and family members are
welcome. All participants under 10 years old will need a parent to attend with them. Details
concerning travel, housing and food will be available closer to the program date.
Cabin availability will depend on your response! If you’re interested in taking
advantage of this exciting opportunity, please respond ASAP!!!
Join us for
Saturday, September 29, 2012
9am – 12pm
Carroll County Extension Office
We will be making Crazy Quilt Wall Hangings!!!
Remember it’s never too early to start thinking about your fair entries!
Please bring with you, if available:
Sewing Machine w/thread
If you have questions please contact Janie Dell or Becky Ridgeway at
Please call 410-386-2760 by Wednesday, September 26th to register.
Registration will be limited. University of Maryland Extension programs are open to all citizens
without regard to race, color, gender, disability, religion, age, sexual
orientation, marital or parental status, or national origin
What do people say is there
favorite thing about the forum?
A special thanks to Monsanto and
National 4-H Council for financial
support for the Forum.
Maryland 4-H
“The fact that it is not just
classes, but it is also made to
be a fun weekend.”
“Networking with other
club leaders and volunteers.”
Wellorganized, everyone
was helpful and
“I enjoy the fact that everyone throughout
the state gets together and has fun. We
rarely have time to relax throughout the
year and network with different counties.”
Strengthening Leadership in
Adults & Teens
To register or for more information:
Please visit www.maryland4h.org or
Contact Dr. Lisa Dennis,
Carousel Hotel
Ocean City, Maryland
4-H Youth and Adult Leadership Specialist
November 16-18, 2012
[email protected]
Class Topics Include:
Volunteer Development
Animal Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Youth Issues
Cool Crafts
Maryland 4-H Volunteers and Teens
are cordially invited to attend the...
The Maryland 4-H Volunteer
at the
Carousel Hotel
Ocean City, Maryland
November 16 -18, 2012
The Forum is one of the best training
opportunities available to 4-H volunteers and
teens which will provide the knowledge and
skills necessary for leading successful 4-H clubs,
programs and activities.
Registration Information
The Carousel Hotel, an OC landmark, offers
Forum guests an exceptional value with rates of
just $68 per room per night (condo’s and ocean
front rooms also available at great rates).
Watch for registration information to be
posted on: www.maryland4h.org
Youth Programs
Be sure to register early to get the best
rates and the best class selections.
Ask your Educator about a Forum
Special programs for youth ages 5 – 13
Clovers “Operation Snowflake”
A variety of interactive activities
Juniors “Wild About 4-H!”
An exotic adventure into jungle animals
Intermediates “Fabulous Fabrics”
An interactive look at an amazing thread –silk!
Tentative Schedule
Friday, Nov. 16
Interactive “Drop-In” classes
Saturday, Nov. 17
Buffet Breakfast
Two Morning Classes
Buffet Luncheon
Two Afternoon Classes
Free Time
• Putt for 4-H
• Explore OC and see
“Winterfest of Lights”
• Enjoy dinner on your own
Share Fair and Silent Auction
Teen Activities
Sunday, Nov. 18
Breakfast Buffet & Door Prizes
Volunteer Meeting
Teen Meeting