ABSTRACT: Customer's loyalty is becoming an ...

Customer's loyalty is becoming an area of great interest for companies. The rapid development of
technology and internet has diverted companies' direction to retain e-loyalty. Customer loyalty has a
direct impact on the revenue and profitability ofa company. The website interface plays an imperative
role in customer e-loyalty. An interactive and content full website creates added value and highly
motivate customer repeated visits. Internet is a creative business tool of the new era. It has changed the
shape of traditional way of doing business and has gained a great deal of attention in the media. With
the advent of the WWW and user-friendly web browsers, companies are making the leap online. Many
companies have set up their own internet presence. Companies are quickly moving to use the Internet
as a way of segmenting markets, targeting customers .having frequent customer feedback, enhancing
global customer access .maintaining round the clock shopping facility and many other things which were
beyond the reach ofordinary promotional tools. All these business functions are being carried out with
efficiency and at a reasonable cost.