Homework Due: Dozen Dice

Homework Due:
Dozen Dice
1. Each player rolls two dice on his/her turn.
2. The object of the game is to be first to get the numbers in order
from 1 to 12.
3. Players can use the numbers from an individual die, or from a
total of both dice together.
4. If a player on his/her turn gets one of the numbers he/she is going
for (such as getting a 1 on the first turn), he/she writes this down
on the paper.
5. On his/her next turn tries for a 2.
6. It is possible to get the next two numbers in one roll (for example
if the player then rolls a 3 and a 4).
7. If on a turn, a players doesn’t get the next number he/she is
going for, the turn passes and the player has to wait for the next
turn to try again.
This is a good game for counting, sequencing, and adding numbers.
There is a video available so you can watch how to play the game.
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Created by S. Weider currently working at CUSD 95 in Illinois