Words Their

Dear Parents,
If you are not sure how the words should be sorted, please refer to the answer
sheet your child brought home. Also, visit our website. Click on the Words Their
Way page. Click on the number for your child’s sort. Run the slideshow. Keep
hitting the space bar and the words will fall into place.
Also on the Words Their Way page, you will find videos demonstrating some of
the activities below. www.lz95.org/classes/wordstheirway_sweider/
Speed Sort:
Sort the words like we did in class. See how fast you can do it!
Written Sort:
This is the same as the Speed Sort, but instead of sorting quickly,
you are writing the words down into the correct categories.
Blind Sort:
Put the headings out. If your sort does not have headings, choose a word
from your sort to be the heading. Give the rest of the cards to someone else to read. As the
person says the word, point to the heading that the word matches.
New Words:
Pick 5 words. Write a sentence for each word.
Have mom or dad tell you new words that follow the pattern. Write
them down. Make sure to use the pattern to spell the words correctly. Can you think of
anymore? Try to write at least 5 new words.
Draw & Label:
Draw a picture for at least 6 of your words. Label the picture.
When students sort words, they are engaged in the active process of searching,
comparing, contrasting, and analyzing. Word sorts help students organize what
they know about words and form generalizations that they can then apply to new
words they encounter in their writing and reading.
Happy Sorting!
Mrs. Tomczyk & Mrs. Weider