Word Sort Homework Due on Friday

Word Sort Homework
Name___________________________ Sort Number ______ Due on Friday
Pick 4 activities to do this week. **New Words is a required activity, and then pick three other
ones. Use this paper to show all of your work. Have a parent initial it when you are done.
___Speed Sort:
Sort the words like we did in class. See how fast you can do it!
___Written Sort:
This is the same as the Speed Sort, but instead of sorting quickly,
you are writing the words down into the correct categories.
___Blind Sort:
Put the headings out. If your sort does not have headings, choose
words from your sort to be the headings. Give the rest of the cards to someone else to read. As
the person says the word, point to the heading that the word matches.
Pick 5 words. Write a sentence for each word.
___Draw & Label:
Draw a picture for at least 6 of your words. Label the picture.
___**New Words (required activity):
Have mom or dad tell you new words
that follow the pattern. Write them down. Make sure to use the pattern to spell the words
correctly. Can you think of anymore? Try to write at least 5 new words.
Show your work below or on the back.