tssN r8r2-5654

Jomal of Applied Scierces8 (7): t 169-1118,2008
@ 2008 Asian Network for Scieniific lnfomation
Seawater Iljection
into Oil Reservoir to Avoid Scaling Problem
Amer Badr Bin }lerdhah andAbu Azam Mohd Yassin
Faculty of Che,'nicaland Natural R€sources,EngineerurgUniversili Teknologi Malaysia,
Abstrlctr This stldy presentsthe resulrs of iaboralcdyexperimenb carried out to ulvestigatethe fomalim of
calciw, sllmrit[n &.d baliw suraies fton mx$s Angsi seamter d low sulfate seawaterwith the folowing
,ulfaie oonierl]s(75, 5q 25, 5 @d I %) ad f(matr@ water @.ran h€h (ncent atim of calcim, siiomlum and
barium ios at vdiou tenpestues (40-moo dd atnosphe.ic presure Tbe knowledge of solubiliry of
cmon oi1 field scalefmatron nd how their solubllities de aff€cted by charges in saliflty dd temperaines
is also studied. Resula show a 1a4e of precipitation occwd in all jds containing seawate!while the dout
of precipitation decreasedwhen the low sdfate sea,raier was ued At ]r€her ioperatres ihe mas of
F€cipitati@ ofCaSOl &1d SISO" scalesnc.edes dd the Inas of precipitatlotl ofBaSOi scaledecrealessince
the s.iubili.j$ of caso. ed srso, scales dedeses al]d tle solubifiy of BaSq jncre*es wittr rrcieasing
temperahne Ii cd be c@cluded that ev@ at sulfaie c@tent of I % 6e!e nay strll be a scaling probLem.
Key words: Scalins Eroblems,iow sulfate seawater,b1ghsalinig, hish bdlM,
ComTondingAuaho.: Amer Ba& Bin Med!.lC FacDtE,
of Chemicaimd Natuat R€sorEc6.
E €rre-!.g UaveRiDTedo ogi vdtilaia 8l]iO Sl.L-ddi.
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