Out of this World News From Room 7 April 22, 2016

Out of this World News
April 22, 2016
From Room 7
Reading and Literacy Activities
During reading workshop this week we:
•Learned about the poetic devices of
rhyme, alliteration, repetition and onomatopoeia and how poets use
these things to create music and
rhythm in their poems.
Created a poetree filled with leaves
that have various examples of poetic
devices that we wrote ourselves.
Learned about visualization in poetry.
During literacy stations this week we:
•Listened to Me on the Map and completed a skill follow up paper.
•Read our poetry journals with a partner
•Practiced our map skills using a
neighborhood map
Math News
During our math time this week we:
•Created our own pizza recipes and then
made fraction pizzas following our recipes.
Took a test on fractions
Learned and practiced counting on in multiples of 10 on and off the decade.
4 R’s
During our SEL lesson this week we learned
about the ABCD method of solving conflicts.
ABCD stands for: Ask, “What is the problem?”
Brainstorm solutions. Choose the best solution that will be a win-win for everyone. Do
•Read books on myON.
•Wrote about a place we like to visit in
Lake Zurich.
Put these dates on your calendar…
Sarah Adams Open House: Thursday, May 5th First
Grade Musical: Wednesday, May 11th
Brookfield Zoo Field Trip: Wednesday, June 1st
Next Week’s word Wall Words:
Contact Information:
1. than
2. there
3. where
ABC End of the year countdown
Next Thursday we will began our alphabet
countdown to the end of school. A note listing each day’s activities will come home on