Schroder International Selection Fund Global Multi-Asset Income

June 2016
Marketing material
Schroder International Selection Fund
Global Multi-Asset Income
Schroder ISF* Global Multi-Asset Income is designed to help
investors generate a regular income stream in the current low-growth,
low-yield environment. We aim to provide an attractive, regular and
sustainable income without an increased exposure to risk.
Targeting a clear outcome
Delivering sustainable income
The fund targets an annual yield of 5%**, which investors can either receive as
income on a regular basis or have it re-invested back into the fund. Alongside
generating a regular income stream, we also aim to grow capital, with a total
combined return of 7% p.a.**
Asset class
m Cap
Investment style
rg e C ap
Va l u e
Taking advantage of global opportunities
The fund harvests income from a range of different asset classes, including
global equities, investment grade bonds, high-yield bonds and emerging market
debt. We source opportunities across asset classes, regions and sectors when
establishing the asset allocation in order to take advantage of yield opportunities
wherever they exist.
Focus on quality
We prioritise the consistency and sustainability of income. We therefore focus
on the quality of securities, looking for equity and fixed income investments
where the yield is supported by strong fundamentals. We will not compromise
on the quality of the securities in order to achieve a higher yield.
Risk management
We operate a robust risk management process, pursuing a diversified approach
and monitoring risk at both a portfolio and security level. As such, the fund is
coherently managed as a single entity rather than simply ‘packaging’ together
disparate strategies.
Expertise and resource
The fund is managed by Aymeric Forest, Head of Global Income, MultiAsset, who is responsible for overall asset allocation and risk management.
Individual security selection is carried out by security specialists: the Schroders’
Quantitative Equity Product (QEP) team and the Multi-Asset Advanced Beta
team for equities, and the global Fixed Income team for bonds.
Source: Schroders, as at May 2016.
**The fund intends to make regular fixed distributions to investors. The distribution is
reviewed annually by the manager to ensure that it is still suitable given the fund’s focus
on sustainable income. If its income is insufficient to cover the payments, the payments
may reduce the fund’s capital. The target 5% distribution and 7% return are gross of fees,
targets only and are not guaranteed.
Fund manager
Aymeric Forest, Head of Global Income, Multi-Asset
Aymeric Forest, joined Schroders in May 2011. He is responsible for global income mandates and a member of the
Global Asset Allocation Committee. Prior to joining Schroders, Aymeric was Global Head of Investment Solutions at BBVA
and Head of Tactical Asset Allocation quantitative strategies and a senior fund manager at ABN AMRO. He is a CFA
Charterholder and has a Masters degree in Finance, Nancy 2 University (France), Giessen (Germany) and Lund (Sweden).
Source: Schroders, as at May 2016.
*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF throughout this document.
Schroder International Selection Fund Global Multi-Asset Income
A robust and coherent investment process
Schroders’ awards
Flexible allocation
across and within
asset classes
Asset allocation
Directly invested
Equity security
Fixed income
security selection
Highly diversified
Focus on identifying
high yielding,
quality securities to
generate a sustainable
income stream
Risk management overlay
Source: International Adviser Product & Service
Awards 2016, International Retirement Provider of
the Year – Investment Strategy; Professional Adviser
International Fund & Product Awards 2015; Funds
Europe Awards 2015, European Thought Leadership
Risk considerations
To learn more about Schroders’
Luxembourg domiciled fund ranges, visit:
–– The capital is not guaranteed
–– The fund intends to make regular fixed distributions to investors and, if its income is
insufficient to cover these payments, these payments may reduce the fund’s capital
–– All equity forward sales are with a single counterparty. In case of default, the relevant
equities will be sold in the market and this may affect performance
About Schroders
–– Non-investment grade securities will generally pay higher yields than more highly rated
securities but will be subject to greater market, credit and default risk
€409.7bn managed across
equities, fixed income, multi-asset,
alternatives and real estate.
–– A security issuer may not be able to meet its obligations to make timely payments of
interest and principal. This will affect the credit rating of those securities
–– Investments denominated in a currency other than that of the share-class may not be
hedged. The market movements between those currencies will impact the share-class
–– Investment in bonds and other debt instruments including related derivatives is subject to
interest rate risk. The value of the fund may go down if interest rate rise and vice versa
An extensive global network of
3,800+ employees.
38 offices in 28 countries across
Europe, the Americas, Asia,
Middle East and Africa.
–– The fund may hold indirect short exposure in anticipation of a decline of prices of these
exposures or increase of interest rate
–– The fund may be leveraged by trading in a high volume of derivatives to achieve a risk
target consistent with its risk profile
–– Changes in China’s political, legal, economic or tax policies could cause losses or higher
costs for the fund.
Over 200 years’ experience of
investment markets.
Source: Schroders, as at 31 March 2016.
Key information
ISIN code
Bloomberg code
Date of inception
18 April 2012
Fund currency
Ongoing charge (latest available)1
Entry charge
Source: Fitch, ‘Highest Standards’ awarded to
Schroders on 1 April 2015.
5.00% of gross investment amount
The ongoing charge figure is based on the last year’s expenses for the year ending December 2015 and
may vary from year to year.
Information in the table above is for the A Accumulation share class, for further share class information please
see the Prospectus.
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compensation will not be available under the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme. An investment in the Company entails risks, which are fully described in the prospectus.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, prices of shares and the income from them may fall as well as rise and investors may not get the amount
originally invested. Schroders has expressed its own views and opinions in this document and these may change. This document is issued by Schroder Investment Management
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