Example Prompt: Oh Rats!

Example Prompt: In Oh Rats! by Albert Marrin , how does the author prove that
rats are champions at survival?
Example RACER Response:
In the book Oh Rats! the author proves that rats are champions at survival.
He gives a lot of different examples of how rats have adapted to various
environments. The body of a rat is built to get the food and nutrients needed to
stay alive. Their jaws are incredibly powerful. On page 10 it states that, “Rats
gnaw through iron cabinets to get at food, and concrete to get to various
minerals.” This shows that rats’ jaws are built to keep them alive since they can
bite down with incredible force. The fact that their teeth can gnaw through iron
and concrete shows just how strong their jaws and teeth are. In the animal
kingdom, rats could be considered the super powered species.
Prompt: Prompt: How is slavery a part of the Southern way of life? Cite details,
reasons, and examples in your answer.
Tips What were the slaves doing? Why was there a need for so many? Why were
there more slaves in the South than the North?
You can use your notes to help.
*If you are citing a chart, graph, or reading, then cite it by its title.