Module 14
Planning should be designed to ensure
that the organisation’s goals are matched
to its marketing opportunities
Any tourism marketing plan must be
flexible enough to permit rapid adjustment
in the light of changing circumstances
Marketing planning means
• Where the organisation is
• Where it wants to be
• What are its goals
• Who are its customers, and
• How it can reach them
Windy and Pretentious Language
A. Doubling
"necessary and imperative"
"crucial and important"
"provocative and stimulating"
"tasks and obstacles"
The Passive Voice
This deferment is acccomplished on the basis of evidence of record in
each individual case. No group deferments are permitted. Deferments
are granted, however, in a realistic atmosphere so that the fullest effect
of channeling will be felt, rather than be terminated by military service
at too early a time.
More often, the active voice helps illustrate the agent
and the effects of action.
Lucy was bitten by the vampire and transformed into a vamp.
The vampire bit Lucy, transforming her into a vamp.
It was arranged that Senator Flugelhorn be summoned before the
subcommittee to answer certain charges which had been brought
against him by his former aides.
The subcommittee summoned Senator Flugelhorn to answer charges
made by his former aides.
Intransitive Verbs
Intransitive verbs (be, exist, become) cannot cross over and
take objects. Used too often, they flatten a sentence by
announcing ideas rather than using them. Transitive verbs like
have, get, go, used too often, dull the prose:
• There are many reasons why I came to Amherst, and one of them
is that at Amherst there are more kinds of people than there were
in my home town. In my home town of Gravel Switch there were
mostly farmers and small businesspeople. Hardly any young
people went to college, so when I had the chance to come to
Amherst, I thought it was a good idea.
Rewritten with more active verbs, the passage shows more
of the author's interest in his subject:
•Amherst appeals to me because it offers me the chance to meet different
people from those in my home town. In Gravel Switch I knew mostly
farmers and small businesspeople. Hardly any young people went to
college. So when Amherst accepted me, I felt great.
Replacing there is, there are, etc. with active verbs also saves words:
saving words makes the writing leaner and more muscular.
Whom would you believe, someone who said simply:
• "I love you" or someone who said
• "I really and sincerely love you very much"? Think about it. The
adverbs "really" and "sincerely" modify "love"—they are helping
"love" along. "Love," then, needs help in this sentence. Perhaps the
speaker is sincere, but his propping up the verb with two adverbs
and an adverbial phrase ("very much") might make us doubt it.
Adverbs, used effectively, say how, when, in what manner, place, and
direction something happens or gets done. They add color and flavor to
Fearfully she flipped on the light. They support adjectives:
We were almost drunk. They give mood to whole sentences: