TK 24_ASSGNMENT_business_english Leaflet

TK 24_ASSGNMENT_business_english
1. Complete the following sentences with appropriate words from the box. The text
attached (Alford )will help you.
Frank Sharp is head of _______ at Ilford.
The Impact program is an attempt to change the company’s __________
The new system of pay was only agreed after a long ___________ involving.
After identifying a number of ________ a within the company, Ilford was able to
work out a fairer system of pay.
5. Under the new pay system, some workers had lower salaries. Naturally, this lead
to ________ at first.
6. Employees who are also union officials are knows as _________ they are used to
negotiating with management.
7. Before management can decide what a job is worth, they must have some system
of __________.
8. In the past _________ in Britain have been characterized by bitter fights between
unions and management.
9. The unions which represent the interests of office workers are known as _______
unions. What are the unions representing factory workers called?
10. Workers generally become unhappy if they know they’re being paid below the
_______ for the job.
11. The _______ at Ilford is based to a large extent, on how well the employee
performs the jobs. Personal development discussions are a key element of the
12. The company’s new grade structure allows for annual __________ for every
2. Phrasal vebs: Take
Match the verbs (1-8) with their correct definition.
1. to take aback
a. to make a written note of something.
2. to take down
b. to start doing something which someone else began
3. to take in
c. to shock/surprise
4. to take (time) off
d. to hire/employ
5. to take on
e. to behave badly toward someone even though it is not
that persons fault that you are upset.
6. to take up
f. to stay away from work for a short period.
7. to take over
g. to deceive
8. to take out on
h. to pursue.
3. Draft the leaflet.
You work for Foley Press, Forest Road, Wolverhampton WO72 4XU publishers of
school and college textbooks. Your office is Mrs Mary McMachon. You are given the
following fax from her.