QUIZ #1 NAME: Karina Garcia

NAME: Karina Garcia
1. What is a layer?
A layer is part of a map that you can use in a GIS map. You can use many layer in one
map. For example cities, rivers, etc can be a separate layer that you can overlap in a GIS
2. What is a feature? What kinds of features are there?
A layer can contain many features. A feature is a geographic object of a layer.
A feature can have different shape, so you can represent house, cities, etc with different
geometrical forms. There are three forms: polygons, lines, points. The features can have
different representation in every single layer.
3. What is a surface? Specifically, what is a raster?
Some layers are not a composition of features, this type of features is called surfaces like
the Ocean. There is a geographic expansion.
A raster is cell that represent a measurable data like temperature, climate or some other
data that can’t be represent by a feature. A surface is a composition of rasters.