Galway Dance Days festival CORP_REAL international symposium 28-30 March 2014

Galway Dance Artist in Residence presents
Galway Dance Days festival
CORP_REAL international symposium
28-30 March 2014
a universe in movement
Galway Dance Artist in Residence,
presents three days of dance
& multi-disciplinary international
Ríonach Ní Néill
premieres & performances
Corp_Real International Symposium brings together artists, academics and researchers
whose practices converge on the body, action and movement. A public forum of interviews,
debates, workshops, film screenings & performances.
Responding to current concerns, the 2014 symposium focuses on questions of feminism and
gender in Ireland, the environment, activism and social engagement, and the contribution of
body-based practices to these issues.
Conveners: Dr Aoife McGrath (Queens), Dr Ríonach Ní Néill, Dr Finola Cronin (UCD)
Showcasing some of the most exciting new works coming out of Ireland, Galway Dance Days
presents World and Galway premieres throughout the city.
Tickets: €16/13. All-in Festival ticket: €39/30. Symposium €5/day.
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Corp_Real is a partner symposium to 'Lifeworlds: Space, Place & Irish Culture' international conference, 28-29
March, hosted by Ómós Áite and the Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway.
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GALWAY DANCE DAYS/Corp-Real International Symposium is the public programme of Galway Dance
Artist in Residence, Ríonach Ní Néill, supported by The Arts Council, Galway County Council, Galway
City Council, Town Hall Theatre, Ealaín na Gaeltachta, Galway Arts Centre & National University of
Ireland Galway, affiliated with the Ómós Áite: Space/Place Research Network, Centre for Irish Studies,
NUI Galway . Additional partners Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, Internationelle Dansprogrammet
Rachel Sweeney
Friday March 28
CORP_REAL international symposium
2pm – 6pm Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway
Rachel Sweeney (Liverpool Hope University): Sandskin I Bloodwater; tracing topographies in flooded
Gwen McHale (movement artist/therapist): Landscape: a dance of deep ecology
Korina Biggs (Alexander Tech/somatic movement teacher): Soma in the city
Emma Meehan (Coventry University): Immersive Environments: Joan Davis, Space and Somatic
In conversation: Carola Wingren (Landscape Architecture, University of Sweden) with Ríonach Ní Néill on
Vattnet Kommer/– a landscape architecture & dance project on sea-level rising
12.30 - 2pm
Bernadette Divilly (dance artist/therapist): Gait-ways : A Pedestrian Field trip to Woodquay
Ella Clarke (Meath Dance Artist in Residence): RIOT CHOREOGRAPHY (2-session workshop, Friday 28 &
Sat 29)
Workshop bookings: [email protected]
choreographed & composed by Maria Nilsson Waller (Sweden)
8pm. Fairgreen House, Fairgreen Road, Galway
We know more about the surface of the
moon and Mars than we know about the
bottom of the deep ocean. …
Maria's choreography brings nature into
the performance space, mapping vast
territories in human movement and
voice, transforming the raw concrete of
a vacant office space into a world
resonating with the wonders of the sea.
Sample works at
Maria Nilsson Waller
Saturday March 29
CORP_REAL international symposium
10am – 1pm
Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway
Performances, discussions & screenings on the
convergence of dance, visual, performance art and film,
on the body.
Chair: Finola Cronin (School of English, Drama & Film
Hilary Eliott (University of Huddersfield): Experienced Space
Fergus Byrne
Jacintha Murphy (independent artist): Becoming Bodily: The Subversive Presence of the Bodily
Grotesque in Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture
Carolyn Collier (visual artist): A figure in the landscape
Judith Bernhardt (visual & performance artist):TRACES – A Performance
Thomas Conway (Director in Residence, NUI Galway): Sem/antics of
writing bodies: the collaborations of Junk Ensemble and brokentalkers
Úna Quigley (film artist): Directing the Gest
Fergus Byrne: (independent) Untitled Sculpture
1 – 2pm Korina Biggs Soma in the City
How do you relate to urban space? This session will take you on a
journey outdoors. Listening and responding to a recording you'll be
invited to heighten your sensual, perceptual and creative experiences.
There will be a chance to further engage with those experiences
indoors. workshop booking: [email protected]
Korina Biggs
a Corp_Real commission
Michelle Browne & Emma Martin
2pm – 2.45pm, Eyre Square Shopping Centre
Award-winning choreographer Emma Martin and internationally
renowned visual artist Michelle Browne come together in this short-term
collaboration to explore the cross over between their two practices based in action and movement.
My Methyl refers to research carried out by scientists looking at mutations in genetic material, which found
that mothers' behaviour could alter the genetic function of their offspring, and of further generations.
Martin and Browne's shared interest in their own changing roles and behaviours as mothers will inform
their collaboration. and
CORP_REAL international symposium
3-4pm Site-specific Galway city: location given on confirmation of ticket booking
This panel brings together a group of artists that have created works that tackle issues of body politics
and women’s experiences in Irish society. If choreography is considered as a practice that puts problems
into motion, how do choreographies that engage with feminist politics create sites that question difficult
realities and suggest alternative futures?
Chair: Aoife McGrath (Queens) Panellists: Emma Fitzgerald, Aoife McAtamney, Emma Martin
4.30 – 6pm, Fairgreen House, Fairgreen Road, Galway
choreographed by Aoife McAtamney
Disjointed, both in structure and content, illustrating a landscape of rapidly shifting memories,
incorporating Irish cultural references to gender and sexual attitudes. The first chance for Galway to see
this captivating solo, chosen for the prestigious Aerowaves international tour.
“utterly spellbinding”
sample works at
THESE MOMENTS (a Corp_Real commission),
choreographed by Judith Sibley for Chrysalis Dance
Chrysalis Dance uncover the wonder of
the instant, the immediate, the hidden
seconds in between the ordinary, in a
new and evocative work, continuing
Sibley's pushing of the boundaries of
classical dance.
Chrysalis Dance
choreographed by Emma Fitzgerald
Following Fitzgerald & Stapleton's sold-out performance at GDD 13,
Emma Fitzgerald returns with an intimate solo. Inspired by her research
into female biography and the social pressures which censor the telling of
womens' lives, Fitzgerald talks about her experience of rape, creates
spontaneous poetry and makes a public service announcement.
Sample works at www.fitzgerald&
choreographed by Úna Little
Grace whispers a Magdalen history of rigidity, fear, vulnerability and loss.
This solo locates the moral sensibilities of Magdalene Ireland beneath
rough skin and brittle bones.
Emma Fitzgerald
choreographed & composed by Deirdre Murphy
29 March 8pm, The Cube, Bailey Allen Building, NUI Galway
A fairytale of musical theatre, using circus, song, and dance to
create a near-future political reality similar to our own. A large
scale theatrical narrative with a cast of 15 dancers, singers, circus
performers, actors and a live band, it uses acrobatics, plot twists,
assassinations, and intrigue to tell the tale of a heroic group of
everyday acrobats, aided by the Greek-chorus style narrations of
a powerful triumvirate of fairy godmothers.
“Social criticism wrapped in wit, glee and stunning physical &
vocal performance “
Sunday March 30
CORP_REAL international symposium
10.30am– 4pm Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway
Is it possible for humans to create a system which improves the quality of our lives and is more equal?
How can we organise to make such a thing possible? What can artists do to contribute? How are we
using our bodies to express resistance, hope, change?
Chair: John Bisset
Virginia Farman (University of Chichester) :”Everyday Hero”
lecture presentation on integrated practices with VIP
Michelle Cahill (independent): Tiago Gambogi's Project
Trans-Amazonia :A Brazillan Odessey. One Road, One
Forest. One Man. Lots of Encounters.
Nick Bryson (dance artist) A Model of ‘Enlightened SelfInterest’ & ‘Open Participatory Budgeting’ in Contemporary
Dance Projects, subjectively placed in an Irish/UK Context
Helga Deasy (dance artist): Freedom to move, freedom to
stop: A somatic approach to empowerment in community dance
Beatrice Jarvis PhD candidate, University of Ulster and Kingston University): Performing Practice. The
Choreography of Research. The Sociological Dimension of Choreography as framework for
progression of social reconciliation.
Perform I. Agents.
Siobhan Clancy (visual artist)
An investigation into bodily autonomy, decision-making, stigma and social reproduction
Cindy Cummings (dance artist in residence, UCD), in conversation with Finola Cronin
Anti-Capitalism: The Panel!
A panel of speakers from various backgrounds lead an open
discussion on issues raised by Anti-Capitalism: the Musical!
Since the financial crash of 2008 the world has entered into a
new depression. While some in the top 1% have remained
comfortable, the .01% of the richest in the population have
become much richer. At the same time that the broad mass of
the population is struggling to make ends meet. Unemployment,
underemployment, emigration and the misuse of internships are
serious problems. Climate change and other environmental
problems which at one time seemed to be on the agenda have
disappeared from public discourse.
chair: Gavin Mendel-Gleason: Deirdre Murphy, Ella Clarke &
Michelle Browne
choreographed & composed by Deirdre Murphy
30 March, 7pm, The Cube, Bailey Allen building, NUI Galway