– Current Popular IT IV – T0693 Tugas Review

Tugas Review – Current Popular IT IV – T0693
Module 2
Review Questions
1. What does NIC stand for?
a. Network Interface Card
b. Network In a Card
c. Network Interpreting Card
d. Network Interruption Certificate
2. What are the three options for assigning IP addresses for hosts on a LAN?
a. Static
b. Automatic
c. Regular
d. Dynamic
3. What can the DHCP server be responsible for assigning to the hosts on the network?
a. IP address
b. Subnet Mask
c. Default Gateway
d. DNS or WINS
4. In order for the LAN to access and make use of the DNS services what setting must
be set?
a. Set under the NIC Properties
b. Set under the TCP/IP properties box
c. Set on the Network
d. Set under the IPX/SPX properties box
5. What type of topology refers to the paths that signals travel from one point on the
network to another (that is, the way in which data accesses media and transmits
packets across it).?
a. Physical
b. Logical
c. Mystical
d. Environmental
6. What is an advantage of a bus topology?
a. Supports many workstations
b. Need terminators
c. Inexpensive
d. Easy to isolate problems
7. What is a disadvantage to a star topology:
a. Hard to install
b. Reliable
c. Requires a lot of cable
d. Scalability
8. Which topology connects each node to all other nodes to add redundancy and fault
a. Star
b. Mesh
c. Hybrid
d. Ring
9. What three ways can data be transferred from one computer to another?
a. Plastic
b. Glass
c. Copper
d. Waves
10. What word refers to the space between a false ceiling and the floor above it in a
a. Gap
b. Pentium
c. Crawl space
d. Hide Away