Cisco ServiceGrid
Spending on external and internal IT services is higher than ever. One
industry analyst firm estimates that the number of support providers
used by an IT organization has increased by 400 percent in five years.
Infrastructure silos, a multitiered service delivery chain, and the manual
cost of integration are slowing down service providers’ abilities to
respond to customers in an agile and profitable way. To effectively
do business together in hyperdistributed environments, the answer
is service integration and management (SIAM). The SIAM framework
enables service providers to efficiently manage their teams and third
parties on which they rely to deliver services to their customers.
Deliver Integrated Services
in Hyperdistridbuted
• Maximize customer value with
improved communication, better
user experience, and enhanced
service quality to increase loyalty.
• Actively manage service levels
and third parties with a single
point of control and end-to-end
view of the service chain.
• Speed time to market and
keep existing systems through
standardized integration.
• Accelerate service delivery and
speed to resolution.
• Make support cloud ready to
follow changing consumption
• Improve profit margins by creating
value-added service packages
and accelerating the transition of
With deeper integration, mean time to resolution drops dramatically,
and renewal rates increase. In fact, a study by the Outsourcing Institute
shows that 75 percent of respondents using service integration with
their service providers would renew the contract in the future, compared
with just 52 percent of customers not using service integration
(source: “Want to Improve Business Outcomes in Outsourcing Deals?”
Outsourcing Institute, January 2014).
Cisco® ServiceGrid® technology complements the SIAM framework.
The integration platform in the cloud provides a cost-effective and
scalable way to integrate your distributed support locations, various IT
service management systems, customers, and vendors.
Improve Service Quality, Reduce Churn, and Increase
Customer Loyalty
Cisco ServiceGrid ™ provides a central point of control to manage your
entire ecosystem and actively govern all aspects of service performance
to improve service quality, increase customer loyalty, and differentiate
your business. Automating the sharing of processes and data by
eliminating manual practices and bottlenecks, the Cisco ServiceGrid
platform significantly accelerates service delivery and reduces mean
time to resolution.
Cisco ServiceGrid uses a unique integration approach. Connections
are built with standard workflow mappings for easy process integration.
Each partner is connected to the standard Cisco ServiceGrid workflow.
After being connected, ServiceGrid routes service requests to the
proper partner automatically. In that way you can keep existing systems,
protect your investments, and boost operational efficiency in service
delivery. You are able to differentiate in the market and create valueadded service packages by integrating service delivery partners and
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For More Information
For more information about the Cisco
ServiceGrid platform, visit
com/go/servicegrid. To request a private
briefing, contact us at servicegrid-info@
customers into your support ecosystem quickly, providing real-time
communication and full visibility to your customers.
The Cisco ServiceGrid platform is delivered using software as a service
(SaaS), providing high scalability and agility as you evolve your business.
The primary capabilities and benefits of Cisco ServiceGrid include:
• Standardization and automation: The connect once, connect
all approach reduces deployment time and helps enable faster
onboarding of customers and partners. Automated processes and
interactions reduce costs, eliminate errors, and improve quality of
• Cloud integration: Cisco manages, updates, and maintains the
software. You have easy access through a web browser anywhere,
anytime and gain the advantage of new features immediately when
upgrades are deployed.
• Active SLA management: A centralized dashboard allows you to
govern and monitor SLAs and their effect on your primary business
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