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Strategy: Direct Teaching Homework Strategy
Appropriate Grade Level: Any Grade Level (maybe not Kindergarten)
1) clear teaching, daily review, and homework checks
2) presentation of new content and skills
3) teacher monitoring and guided student practice
4) corrective feedback and instructional reinforcement
5) independent practice in school and at home with a 90 percent success
6) weekly and monthly evaluations.
Comments and/or tips:
Although this seems like a simple strategy, it is a good reminder of the
importance of using direct teaching as well as handing out, collecting, and
grading homework.
It may not be appropriate in full form for all grades, but the idea of
monitoring and guided student practice as well as feedback works for all
grades, including kindergarten.
Paik, S. J. (2003). Ten strategies that improve learning. Educational
Horizons, 81, 83-85.