Math Problem Solving Strategy:

Math Problem Solving
Strategy: Multiple Intelligences
Appropriate Grade Level: K-12
Engage Students in a Variety of Activities to Apply Information
π Completing Logic Problems
π Creating Rhymes to Remember Mathematical Concepts
π Building or Constructing a Model
π Inventing a Board Game to Illustrate Learned Material
π Giving Feedback on What They Would Like to Learn
π Perform a Class Presentation
Comments and/or tips:
 Increases student’s academic social, and emotional well-being
 Aids students in realizing their potential, abilities, and talents while addressing
standards of the curricula
 Yields richer, more qualitative information about student achievement and
instructional effectiveness
Douglas, O., Reese-Durham, N., & Smith Burton, K., (2008). The effects of the multiple
Intelligence teaching strategy on the academic achievement of eighth grade math students .
Journal of Instructional Psychology, 35(2), 182-187.