HBI Research Awards 2011

HBI Research Awards 2011
Institutional Affiliation
Project Title
Silke Georgi
They Were Our Neighbors: The Stories of the Jewish Women and
Children of Eindhoven
Miryam Kabakov
Yeshiva University
Eshel Multimedia Online Oral History Project
Marlene Trestman
The Life and Work of Bessie Margolin (1909 – 1996)
Families, Children & the Holocaust
Shannon L. Fogg
Missouri University of Science
& Technology
Restitution: Reconstructing Jewish Lives in Twentieth Century France
Gender, Culture, Religion & the Law
Tanya Zion-Waldoks
Bar-Ilan University
Resistance, Tradition and Social Change: Orthodox Jewish Women
Activists Fighting to Free Agunot in Israel
Ruth Zafran
Radzyner School of Law
Religious Law and Human Rights, Israel 2011 – The "Jurisdiction
Race" Between the Rabbinical Courts and the Civil Courts, and its
Consequences for Jewish Women: Empirical and Conceptual Analysis
Adriana Mariel Brodsky
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Helping to Create New States: Argentine Sephardim at Home and in
Israel, 1956-1976.
Jason Schulman
Emory University
The Red Flag Case Revisited: American Jewish Women, the
Communist Party, and the First Amendment
Sarah Abrevaya Stein & Julia
Phillips Cohen
The Sephardic Studies Reader, 1730-1950
HBI Research Awards 2011
Aliza Bazak
Bar-Ilan University
The Tav Lemeitav Presumption in Modern Halakhic Discourse
Esther David
“I am the seed of the Tree…” A Jewish woman’s search of her Jewish
heritage in India…
Michael Rosenberg
Jewish Theological Seminary of
Signs of Virginity: Blood, Sexuality, and Women’s Bodies in
Rabbinic Literature
Jewish Women’s Health
Julie Cwikel & Ephrat Huss
Ben Gurion University of the
Shira Offer
Bar-Ilan University
Assessing the Experiences of Israeli Women Who Served in Combat
Related Roles in the Israeli Defense Forces – Validation of a Arts Based Trauma Assessment for Normative Populations
Processes of Exclusion and Withdrawal from Personal Networks
among Low Income Women: The Principle of Reciprocity
Yishuv & Israel
Bar-Ilan University
Judith Baumel-Schwartz
The Israeli Women's Army Corps Memorial: A Comparative History
of Contemporary Women's Military Monuments
Film & Video
Melanie Reynard & Hafsa Oubou
Intimate Lives: the Berber and Jewish Link Between Women in
Tahneer Oksman
CUNY Grad Center
“How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses?”: Jewish American
Women and Comics
Jennifer Langer
SOAS – University of London
The Representation of Cultural Memory in Literary Texts by Exiled
Iranian Jewish Women Writers
HBI Research Awards 2011
Arts cont’d.
Laura Silver
HBI Research Associate
Knish Sisters: Mrs. Stahl, The Sholom Auxiliary, Bella Sherman and
Shira Nayman
Barnard College
Moon Landing: A novel
Laura Morowitz & Laurie Lico
Tamar Barzel
Wagner College
Adele’s Fire [Novel]
Wellesley College
Alison Pick
Downtown and Disorderly: “Radical Jewish Culture” and its
Discontents on New York’s Downtown Music Scene
Between Gods: A Memoir
Helene Aylon
For You, Hagar: Last Waters at Last
Dvora Liss & David Sperber
Evelyn M. Cohen
The Mishkan Le'Omanut,
Museum of Art, Ein Harod
Exhibition Catalogue for Matronita: Contemporary Jewish Feminist
Charlotte Rothschild and Her Haggadah of 1842
Anna Schultz
Stanford University
Performing Translation, Performing Gender: Bene Israel Devotional
Song from India to Israel