Tugas 5

Tugas 5
Problem 1
Wocertine's calf was just born! At birth she weighed
100 lbs. Wocertine Jr.'s growth at any time is given by
the equation
is her
growth, w is her weight, and t is the years after her
1.) What is Wocertine Jr.'s weight when she celebrates
her first birthday?
2.) At what age does she become fully grown (above
1000 lbs)?
Problem 2
Johnny Steamboat wants to sail from his island home to
town in order to purchase a book of carpet samples (for
reasons unknown). His home island is 7 miles from the
nearest point on the shore. The town is 35 miles
downshore and one mile inland (shore is represented by
the horizontal line in the diagram). If he can run his
steamboat at 12 mph and catch a cab as soon as he
reaches the coast that will drive at 60 mph (obviously
some kind of weird 4x4 cab that drives in a straight line,
despite the existence of roads) ...
How far down the coast is the point that Johnny should
hit land to minimize the time it takes to get to town?
Answer The distance is 2.986 miles.
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