Tugas 6

Tugas 6
Problem 1
Wocertine decided to take a trip to the mathematics
amusement park down the street. This wasn't just any
amusement park. To get on the rides you had to solve a
calculus problem. Woc wanted to go on the roller
coaster, but she has to solve a volume problem. She
hates volume problems but if you can help her solve the
problem she can go. The problem says:
There is a
region enclosed by
Find k (where k < 7) if the region is spun around the
line y = -1 and the volume is equal to 9 cm3.
Problem 2
Wocertine is sick and every time she closes her eyes she
feels as if she's spinning around in circles. If Wocertine
can be described as the area under the curve of
y = ln |-x + 6| from x = 0 to x = 5, what is the volume of
the region she covers if she spins around the y -axis?
Problem 3
It's Valentine's Day . Kind, caring Wocertine decides to
make a gigantic green Jello mold for farmer Joe. The
base of the mold can be represented by a circle with
radius 5 inches and center at the origin. Calculate the
volume of the mold if cross-sections perpendicular to
the x-axis are semicircles.
Equation of the base :
x2 + y2 = 25
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