CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis

CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis
The French Revolution – The Tennis Court Oath
Discussing the Illustration:
1. This illustration shows members of the Third Estate at the Estates General in 1789. To
understand this scene, you need to know that the nobles wanted the three estates to meet
separately, with each estate having one vote. The members of the Third Estate wanted the
entire Estates General to meet as one body and vote by head. Can you explain why?
2. In early June, the Third Estate simply called itself a National Assembly speaking for all of
France. It invited nobles and clergy to join it. In a way, this decision was the first act of the
French Revolution. Can you explain why?
3. A few days later, the Third Estate found itself locked out of its hall. It moved to a nearby
indoor tennis court and took the famous Tennis Court Oath. That’s what the illustration
shows. What exactly was the Tennis Court Oath? What can you tell about the Third Estate
and its allies from this illustration?
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