CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis

CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis
The Reformation – The Diet of Worms
Discussing the illustration:
1. This illustration shows another key event in Luther’s life. It shows him in 1521 at the Diet of
Worms. What does the word “Diet” mean in this case?
2. From your knowledge of the Reformation, can you explain what the Diet of Worms was and
why Luther was called and come to speak at it?
3. The Diet of Worms was called together by the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, who
was also the king of Spain and the ruler of several other lands. Can you name him?
4. At the Diet of Worms, Luther was asked to give up some of his own beliefs about the
Catholic Church. He refused to do that. Why do you suppose this was a brave thing for
him to do?
5. How does the illustration help to make clear the danger Luther was in at the Diet and the
courage it took for him to stand up against it?