HW 2: due Tuesday, Sept 17

MATH/COMP 61-02: Discrete Mathematics
Tufts University
Prof. Lenore Cowen
Fall 2013
HW 2: due Tuesday, Sept 17
From Rosen do problems:
Section 1.1 (p.15): 23, 27, 29ad
Section 1.2 (pp.22-23): 19, 20, 22, 24, 30
Section 1.3 (pp. 34-36): 4b, 10ad, 32, 40, 41
Section 1.6: (pp. 78-80): 10cde, 16bcd
Part II: You’ve had a bunch of problems where, given a logical formula, you can
write down the truth table. How about the reverse? That is, if I give you the last
line of a truth table, can you always come up with a formula that would give you
exactly that truth table? How might you do that? (Partial credit: show I can do this
for all 4-line truth tables).