Eighth Symposium on Vestibular Research (2011)
Friday, April 8, 2011
Sponsored by ETC/NASTAR
3:30 p.m. Juniper Room
Mateus J. Hearn A. N. Canizales J. Young L. R.
Cross-Coupled Stimulus During Artificial Gravity: Asymmetric Tumbling Sensation Response [#3031]
Falempin M. Picquet F.
Effects of Labyrinthectomy on Rat Soleus Muscles Properties and Lumbar Motoneurons [#3035]
Migeotte P.-F. Peeters T. Diedrich A. Neyt X. Pattyn N. Wuyts F.
Denoising of Impedance Cardiography Data from Returning Astronauts Using the Ensemble Empirical Mode
Decomposition Method: Preliminary Results from the ESA SPIN Experiment [#3048]
Newman M. C. McCarthy G. W. Comtois P. W. Glaser S. T. Bonato F.
Adaptation to Coriolis-Inducing Head Movements in a Sustained-G High Performance Flight Simulator [#3027]
Clark T. K. Young L. R. Stimpson A. J. Duda K. R. Oman C. M. Natapoff A.
Astronaut Spatial Orientation Perceptions During Simulated Lunar Landing [#3001]
Bertolini G. Ramat S. Straumann D. Wicki A. Palla A.
Effect of Dynamic Otolith Stimulation in Pitch Tilt in Healthy Human Subjects [#3042]
Horn E.
Space Flight Experiments Reveal Gravity-Related Periods in Vestibular and Tail Development of an
Amphibian (Xenopus Laevis) [#3057]
Peters B. T. Brady R. A. Miller C. A. Lawrence E. L. Mulavara A. P. Bloomberg J. J.
Reduction in Dynamic Visual Acuity Reveals Gaze Control Changes Following Spaceflight [#3006]
Murofushi T. Nakahara H. Tsuda Y. Yoshimura E.
Lateral Tilt Illusion Caused by Idiopathic Utricular Dysfunction. Is it Detectable by Ocular VEMP? [#3012]
Kukreja S. L. Boyle R. D.
Novel Tool Development to Assess Vestibular Health [#3018]
Kornilova L. N. Naumov I. A. Drynkina E. V.
Gaze Control With and Without Additional Retinal Optokinetic Stimulation on Cosmonauts After Prolonged
Spaceflight [#3028]
Zacher J. E. Guterman P. S. Palmisano S. A. Allison R. S.
Enhancements of Vection in Depth from Viewpoint Oscillation: Effects of Field of View, Amplitude, Focal Distance
and Body Posture [#3043]
Armstrong P. Makishima T. Wood S.
Otolith-Ocular Responses During Counter-Rotation in Mice [#3054]
Lowrey C. R. Perry S. D. Strzalkowski N. D. J. Taylor L. Wood S. J. Williams D. R. Bent L. R.
Sensory Re-Weighting with Changes in Vestibular and Cutaneous Sensitivity Following Short Duration
Space Flight (HYPERSOLE) [#3055]
Eighth Symposium on Vestibular Research (2011)
Liston D. B. Adelstein B. D. Beutter B. R. Stone L. S.
New Method for Quantifying Human High-Frequency Linear and Rotational VOR During
Launch-Relevant Conditions [#3058]
Sheehan S. Oman C. Duda K.
Motion Sickness Etiology: A Cholinomimetic Agent Hypothesis [#3002]
Brady R. A. Batson C. D. Peters B. T. Mulavara A. P. Bloomberg J. J.
Visual Bias Predicts Gait Adaptability in Novel Sensory Discordant Conditions [#3009]