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1933 the Nazi Party won the raost seats in the Reichstag. Their leader, Adolf Ftritier won
because he promised to nake Gerrnany great again and puaish those who he blamed for
making Gennany weak. F{e was also elected because he promised to create jobs and give
r,vetflare to the six million unernployed Gerinans who were suffering from the effects of the
Great Depression. Hitler claimed that all of Germany's political, economic and social
problerns were caused by the Jews.
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l{itler believed that both the Jews
and the Comrmrnists were to blame for Germany losing
the First World War, the signing of The Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression
which started n 1929. He believed that there was a Jewish plot or conspiracy to take over
the world and undennine the Master Race. See Sowce B.
Hitler claimed that both Capitalism and Communism were examples of this attempt by the
Jews to take over Gennany. Many people who voted for the Nazi Parfy in 1933, ignored
Hitler's views on tle .Iews because they were desperate to vote for someone who would
solve the massive unenrplclment in Germany. Businessmen aiso gave money to the Nazi
Farty because they were afraid that there was going to be a Con'um:nist Revolution. FLlier
arranged for an election to be held in March 1933. He hoped that the Nazi Parry would win
a majority of seats in the Reichstag. A week before voting day, the Reichstag building
went up in flames. A Communist, Marianus van der Lubbe, was caught with matches and
fire-lighters in his pockets. Hitier said that this was the start of a Cornrrunist piot to take
over the country and convinced President F{indenburg to give him speciatr emergency
powers to arrest the Communists and ban them from taking pafi iri the elections. As a
result of banning the Commrurists, Hitler and the Nazis won just under half the vote. It was
a large enorrsh rnajorrty for Hittrer to convince the Reichstag to agree to an Enablialg n aw
ore 23 March 1"933. This let Flitier make laws without asking the Reichstag. IIe used this
law to make Germany into a One Farty State by banning ali other political parties and to
put his political beliefs into action. On the 1st Aprii 1933 llitler began his attack on Jewish
shops and businesses.
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Fo[itncan leafne{ tr933
There is a secret world conspiracy which is
trying to make people into slaves ... 300 big
bankers and newspaper owners across the
world are the real dictators. They belong to
the so called 'chosen people'. Shake offyow
Jewish leaders and those in the pay of Judasl
(Jews).... And one final point Don't expect
anything &om the Bolsheviks (Communists).
It does not bring the worker freedom... In
Russia the 8 hor:r day has been stopped.
There areno more workers' councils. The
government has now become a dictatorship.
Most of the Communist government are
Jewish. Bolshevism is a Jewish swindle.
The caption reads: 'Hitler is Ow last
Soaryce C: Nazi Fosten. tr 933
ava Gersrc{Eeav
B: Llnempnoyment in Genmamy
6s0 000
1,328 000
3 000 008
4 350 000
5 102 000
6 100 000
I Atn
E: Size of Nazi Vote
EgSS gs 8939
i932 Julv
1932 Nov
Number of Votes
800 000
6 400 000
13 700 000
I 1 700 000
Look at Sor:rce
WhY did F{itler
and the Nazi Farty hate the Jews?
2. Which event caused German
Unernplol.ment to increase in 1929?
3. Look
at Sources C, D and E. Why did the votes for the Nazi Party increase as
unemployrnent increased in Gennany?
4. Look
at Sowce B.
a) What was the difference between
a Comn-nxrist and a Jew?
Who controlled the World's biggest banks and newspapers?
W-hat were the aims of the Coinmunists and Jews according to the Nazi PaCy?
5. Why did some businessnaen
give money to the Nazi Farty'?
6. How did Hitler use the R.eichstag fire to increase his chances of winnine
the elections
in March t933?
7. Why were many Germans
who voted for the Nazi Party willing to ignore Hitler's
hatred of the Jews?
8. \llhy did Hitler lai.:nch
an attack on the Jews living in Germany on 1st
Hitler's ideas on the Master Race.
Hitler's ideas onthe Jews
Election Fromises of the Nazi Party
Reichtag Fire
Enabling Act
April 1933?