AHRL-SUTC Presented a Symposium on Mental UH Undergraduate Research Day 2015

AHRL-SUTC Presented a Symposium on Mental
Health Disparities in Primary Care Settings at
UH Undergraduate Research Day 2015
Olaguibel Sampogna: Experiential
Avoidance as a Major Risk Factor
for Development of Mental Illness
among Primary Care Patients
In this presentation Ola discussed the potential mediatory
role of anxiety sensitivity for the relationship between
experiential avoidance and psychiatric conditions. Angela Medvedeva: Non-Acceptance of Negative Emotions
Leads to Worsening of Emotional Problems among Latinos
In Primary Care Settings
Using bootstrap techniques, Angela tried to show whether anxiety sensitivity can be accounted
as the explanatory factor in the path from emotional nonacceptance to mood/anxiety disorders.
Angelina Mayorga:
Subjective Social StatusDoes a Primary Care
Patient’s Perceived Status
within Her Society Predict
Her Mental Health
Angie tried to define a role for
negative affectivity in the causal
path from individual’s perceptions
of their social status to development
and maintenance of mental health
Jafar Bakhshaie: Moderator
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