SNC 2P: CPT Review 2013 Chemistry: 

SNC 2P: CPT Review 2013
 What is the difference between a physical and chemical property?
 What is the difference between a physical and chemical change?
 List whether each of the following is a physical or chemical change and explain WHY
o A piece of wood burns to form ash. _________
o Water evaporates into steam. _________
o A piece of cork is cut in half. _________
o A bicycle chain rusts. _________
o Food is digested in the stomach. _________
o Water is absorbed by a paper towel. _________
o Hydrochloric Acid reacts with zinc. _________
o A piece of an apple rots on the ground. _________
o A tire is inflated with air. _________
o A plant turns sunlight, CO2, and water into sugar and oxygen. _________
o Sugar dissolves in water. _________
o Eggs turn into an omelette. _________
o Milk sours. _________
o A popsicle melts. _________
o Turning brownie mix into brownies. _________
 Define and provide an example of each types of reactions:
o Synthesis
o Single displacement
o Decomposition
o Double displacement
 Balance the following equations and state what type of reaction they are:
o __ Mg(s) + __ O2(g)  __ MgO(s)
o __ SiO2 + __ HF  __ SiF4 + __ H2O
o __ Fe(s) + __ O2(g)  __ Fe2O3(s)
o __ C3H8 + __ O2  __ CO2 + __ H2O
 What is the pH scale?
 What is the difference between an acid and a base?
 Define the following animal and plant organelles and know where they are located!
o Nucleus, nucleolus, chromatin, mitochondria, vacuole, Endoplasmic reticulum, cell
membrane, ribosome, lysosome, cytoplasm, golgi body
 Explain the main differences between an animal and plant cell
 Know how to label the respiratory and digestive
What is cancer?
Explain the difference between cancerous and non-cancerous tumours and draw a diagram of
What is the role of large and small intestine?
Who has a faster resting heart rate, athletics or inactive individuals? Explain why?
What is heart burn? How does this occur?
 What does S.A.L.T. stand for?
 What is the difference between a concave and convex mirror? Redraw the following diagrams.